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Now is the time for flexible workers

As a workforce on the frontline against Covid-19, the NHS has been recognised country-wide, from weekly clapping to colourful window posters of thanks. What’s less visible, and not often recognised, is the tireless contribution made to the health service by flexible workers.

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Nicola McQueen "Its ok to be uneven: My top tips for finding your own work-life balance in 2020."

2020 is definitely going to be a year that no one will forget. But with recent developments, many of us will now have to continue to work from home, or in unfamiliar locations and settings.

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SCREAM IF YOU WANT TO GO FASTER! My first year as CEO of NHSP has been quite a ride…

Today I celebrate my first-year anniversary since I took on the role of CEO at NHS Professionals.

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The International Health Service – James Orr, Managing Director, Doctors Direct & AHP

Working in healthcare, recruitment and with the NHS over the last 20 years has taught me quite a few things

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Leadership Support Sessions hosted by Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF)

Interested in developing and broadening your leadership skills? Keen to learn new leadership techniques?

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A CEO’s Reflection: My Top 5 Leadership Tactics through CV-19. Part Two.

Of course, every business and every CEO is different but, if like me, you saw yourself navigating into a never-before-seen landscape, trying to keep you and your team together, all while riding this imaginary rollercoaster, then I hope you can find some of my learnings useful.

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A CEO’s Reflection On Leading Into The Unknown And Out The Other Side. Part One.

Never before in my career have I known anything like the last few months. Especially back in March and April when each day genuinely felt like leaping into the unknown.

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Nicola McQueen, CEO, on Black Lives Matter "What I am doing as a CEO Is Not Enough"

I’ve taken more time than I usually would to enter the conversation on #BLM. And it’s not because I am scared or afraid or trying to avoid it. Rather it’s been the opposite.

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We are not in the same boat: Why kindness matters more than ever this Mental Health Awareness Week

We are not in the same boat: Why kindness matters more than ever this Mental Health Awareness Week

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Stronger together. Join the Virtual Frontline.

NHS Professionals is proud to be supporting the NHS and Public Health England in its efforts to recruit 3000 clinical professionals as part of the Government’s strategy to recruit a coronavirus contact tracing workforce.

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Bank Member Bank Holiday Timesheets 2020

Please familiarise yourself with the changes to timesheet release and payment dates due to up and coming Bank Holidays.

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NHS Professionals launches COVID-19 Rapid Response to boost frontline services

NHS Professionals has launched Covid-19 Rapid Response to enable qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals, who may or may not be currently working in the NHS and who want to help in the battle against the current pandemic, to move quickly and safely to the frontline.

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Join us. The NHS needs you.

During this period of unprecedented demand for healthcare professionals, the NHS needs you.

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Putting patient safety and quality of care first, NHS Professionals appoints Juliette Cosgrove as Chief Nurse and Director of Clinical Governance

Juliette will be working closely with the Clinical Governance and Occupational Health teams to continue the diligent work already in place to uphold not only the principles of the NHS of ensuring access to care for all, but also to ensure that NHSP’s bank workforce meets the clinical standards required to provide outstanding patient care within our hospitals.

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