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Gold Award for Team Manager of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Carol Bryan was the worthy winner of the GOLD Award for ‘Team Manager of the Year – Service ‘ at the prestigious Contact Centre Management Association Awards (CCMA) at the London Brewery on Tuesday 14th May.


Your P60 is on its way

We are currently processing your P60; rest assured these will be sent to you within the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.


Two new Non-Executive Directors join the NHSP team

These appointments provide further expertise for the board to draw on, as NHSP transforms itself, so that it can continue to support the wider NHS transformation.


Improvements at NHS Professionals

We have implemented new technology across the organisation that will enable us to create a seamless experience for bank member queries, joining NHSP and more.


Seven ways to deal with night shifts

Due to the nature of working in the NHS, there may be periods of time where you are working night shifts. Whether your job is a Nurse, Porter or Admin, and whether you are a night owl or early riser you will benefit from these seven life hacks that will help you cope with night shifts.


Quality Matters: Flexible working in the NHS

Although flexible working is a less structured way of working, bank jobs within the NHS still require a standard of professionalism because of the nature of working in a hospital setting. This is true for admin and clerical bank jobs as well as HCA’s and nursing.


Bank Holiday timesheet release dates 2019

To receive payment for your shifts, you must ensure your timesheets are authorised by your ward/department manager


Bank workers of the month – March

Each month we select four of our fantastic Bank members that have been working for the NHS, supporting their local trust in reducing agency spend.


Comic Relief at NHS Professionals

As a business, we were keen to carry on our close relationship with Comic Relief, having been a call centre 3 times previously. Although we couldn’t be a call centre this year, we were really pleased to see the whole organisation and our flexible workers rally round the fundraising efforts in true NHSP spirit.


Government pledges support for NHS staff wellbeing

As part of the upcoming workforce implementation plan, there will be plans to give staff immediate access to dedicated mental health support. A big step which will hopefully improve staff wellbeing and retention.