International Working as a Mental Health Nurse Pavithra’s Story - Moving to the UK from India

Pavithra’s Story

Born in southern India, Pavithra graduated as a Nurse in 2008 and attained a Master’s degree in Mental Health Nursing in 2013. From working in medical surgical wards, to working as a Nursing College Lecturer, Pavithra had a wide range of Nursing experience before relocating to the UK to further her career. Now, as an alumnus of our International Programme, Pavithra now works as a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) on the Acute Female Ward for the Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust.

Relocating to UK

After working in a variety of Nursing roles for 13 years, I was looking to progress my career and a place to settle down with my family. I wanted to upgrade my Nursing skills, visit new places and learn more about Nursing opportunities internationally.

It was at this point that I heard about the NHSP International Programme through friends, who have settled in the UK and flourished as Nurses. Even the information on social media pages enlightened me around the life of Nurses in the UK, providing ideas for my own future.

Whilst the decision to move to an entirely different country was difficult, I was willing to take the risk because of all the positive feedback and reviews I had heard from my friends. Therefore, I attended an interview and began the process of moving.

The entire recruitment process was hassle free as I was supported at every step with all my queries, doubts and concerns promptly addressed. For example, my whole journey from India to the UK was planned for me, with all travel information provided. The Trust and the agency together ensured my journey was smooth and well organised, thereby ensuring I travelled with ease and comfort.

My experience in the NHS

Although the initial few days in the UK were challenging, the Trust helped me settle into my new role as a Nurse. I was able to overcome the difficulties with communication and cultural differences within a short span of time, with constant support and guidance from my practice educators, ward manager and colleagues.

Within the NHS, there are a plethora of career opportunities, and the Trust helps us to grow personally and professionally, through support and providing development opportunities to upgrade our knowledge and skills regularly. I was offered both virtual and face-to-face training, which helped me become more competent, capable and confident in the ward.

How I manage my work-life balance 

As a Nurse, it can be challenging and overwhelming at times. It is important to balance work and personal life, which is possible with the NHS. I plan my days well in advance and prepare accordingly for working days. I set my priorities and give adequate time to my family. I invest lot of time in self-care, learning new skills and staying connected with my family.

Benefits of working for the NHS

What I love about being a Nurse is that each day has been unique and bound to have plenty of experiences where you influence and touch lives. Through the NHS, I can progress my career as well as having the ability to manage my work-life balance through flexible shifts.

I would recommend relocating to the UK to work for the NHS, as I have had a great experience flourishing as a Nurse, just as my friends have. With the smooth recruitment process, career opportunities, team support and flexible working approach, there are many great benefits to becoming a Nurse in the UK.


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