Healthcare Support Worker Development Programme


The NHS Professionals Healthcare Support Worker Development Programme helps to address staffing shortages and help plan for the future by training the next generation of clinical workers – Healthcare Support Workers.


About the service

Our unique recruitment, training and development programme puts Healthcare Support Workers where you need them the most – on your wards.  

We work with you to understand your needs before we take on the recruitment and vetting of all potential candidates. Everyone who meets our standards undergoes an initial three-to-four-day theory-based training before placement. Once candidates have completed training and vetting, they will join your ward teams, working for 30 hours per week under your supervision during a three- or six-month placement. They will support your staffing needs and gain invaluable practical experience at the same time.

Working with our programme, you will get a cohort of trained, enthusiastic new entrants to the NHS ready to support patient care throughout your hospitals. Involved at every stage of the process, you retain full control and can be confident that the Healthcare Support Workers on your wards are trained and work ready. 

We have received plenty of positive feedback from our clients using this service – and the Healthcare Support Workers themselves.  With over 1.5million hours of care delivered in the last three years across our client base; we’re proud of the contribution our graduates make to the NHS.


Benefits to your Trust

  • Increased pool of workers available to support care on your wards
  • Reduced agency costs and unfilled rates thanks to increased Bank fill rates while also improving continuity of care
  • Create more opportunities for local people to work at your Trust
  • Development opportunities for existing workers who want to start a career as an HCA
  • Grow your Bank and create a pathway for trainees to join your substantive workforce, increasing your long-term fill rates.


Pay arrangements

Trainees are paid at bottom of Band 2 whilst on training. Once they attain their care certificate, they will be paid at the usual Trust rate for Healthcare Support Workers.


How do I get more information?

For an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs please email the team on: