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What is Direct Engagement?

An employment model for agency doctors which allows Trusts to make savings by engaging contracted doctors for service directly, rather than using the traditional route of engaging through a recruitment business.

A Trust will still use a recruitment business (an agency) to perform the search and selection of an appropriate candidate whilst also engaging their services to manage medical compliance checks. Once the worker has been introduced by the recruitment business, the Trust engages the worker directly on a fixed term contract for service.


Why is Direct Engagement important?

Through Direct Engagement, Trusts have greater transparency in costs and greater control over the supply process. Paying the workers directly also means the NHS has influence over Doctors’ rates of pay which could create a more regulated pay system.


Direct Engagement with Doctors Direct

Since December 2018 Doctors Direct have saved close to £5 million for our NHS Trusts with locums working through our Direct Engagement model. For more information on how your Trusts can start saving through our Direct Engagement model call our dedicated team today 03330 143 652.


Benefits of Direct Engagement for the Trust:

  • Financial savings to the Trust
  • Simple booking process
  • Locum adheres to the Trusts T&C’s for the duration of the shift


Benefits for the locum:

  • Every hour worked through Direct Engagement saves your NHS Trust money that can be reinvested into the NHS
  • Fast payment
  • Simple booking process