International Working as an Adult Care Nurse Swapna’s Story - Moving to the UK from India

Swapna’s Story

Born in India, Swapna has over 10 years of Nursing experience, both in India and the Gulf countries. As an alumnus of our International Programme, Swapna now works as a Registered Nurse in the Acute Medical Unit for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

Moving to the UK from India

I first heard about the NHSP International programme through friends who were already working here in the UK. They mentioned how well they were settled into local communities and the amazing work-life balance along with the opportunity to increase my income.

As a Nurse, I’ve always wanted to develop my skills to provide better care to my patients. From my friends in the UK, I discovered the variety of opportunities to develop a career in Nursing, more than what I have had elsewhere. With the NHS, I understood that I would have flexible shifts, training and support from other Nurses.

The best part of relocating was that everything was arranged for me, as I was worried and nervous about moving to a new country. From the time that I landed in Heathrow, I was met by HR, and warmly welcomed. They provided accommodation, which I was able to share with others in a similar situation, creating a community feel.

My experience in the NHS

During my first shift, I realised that everything was different here. My colleagues helped me to adjust as I was assigned to a very helpful Nurse, who would demonstrate various practices and procedures, such as admission, skin checks, etc. This experience and training really helped to build my self-confidence in this new environment.

Most importantly, my colleagues have guided and supported me throughout by sharing their knowledge. Especially as I was dealing with culture differences and understanding new slang. Due to the working environment being incredibly friendly, this has helped me to feel accepted from the very beginning.

What I love most about The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is that we have a variety of cases every month, providing plenty of opportunities to learn more about new healthcare practices and procedures. This enables me to fully use my skills in a clinical setting and improve patient care. Another great part of my job is that I have access to lots of development tools, including free e-learning, preceptorship sessions and leadership programmes. This provides opportunities to build necessary skills that can help advance my career.

My work-life balance

I am currently in hospital accommodation with a busy work schedule, so when I have free time, I like to relax. I like to go to different places, watch movies, and hang out with friends. My family are still in India, but I’m making plans for them to come over, once more permanent accommodation is arranged.

Despite the distance, it’s never been a problem keeping in touch with family. Even during work, I can take a break and call the family if needed. My team is very supportive and if I want to change my working hours or my shifts to work around my life, I can do this. This will be incredibly helpful when my family moves over from India, as I will need time to help them settle in.

My recommendation for other healthcare professionals

I would recommend relocating to the UK, especially for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, as not many people have heard of it, but it’s a great place to work. Personally, I was looking for a place that was quiet and safe for my family, which is why I chose to move to Rotherham outside of all the other opportunities that were available.

The UK itself is a great place to have a family, with good schools and free healthcare through the NHS. In this country, I have a safe environment and can provide the best opportunities for my son.

Furthermore, the staff are incredibly friendly and supportive to new Nurses, providing me with training from the very beginning. You become a part of the NHS family. It’s a great working environment and lifestyle.


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