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National Bank - for healthcare organisations


Supporting NHS organisations with an agency alternative

Across the NHS, healthcare staffing leaders are looking at how to manage workforce more effectively, adopting flexibility and easily implemented technology solutions to address the wide range of ever-changing requirements.

Created to respond to this need, the NHS Professionals National Bank™ is an agency alternative offering that fills the gap between an NHS healthcare organisations' (including Trusts and ICBs) own staff bank provision and the use of external agencies, providing an integrated, cost-effective solution to the NHS’ temporary staffing requirements and greater access to talent.


Our Service

NHS Professionals National Bank has been developed to maximise the opportunity for NHS organisations to utilise healthcare professionals where needed and provide new career opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings, to better support patient care.

This is not a traditional managed service - it is a cost-effective workforce solution deployed through seamless integration with existing rostering technology and acts as an extension to the current bank in place, instead of utilising external recruitment agencies. This service is aligned to NHS workforce initiatives and to the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

We work with Trusts and ICBs to identify local staffing needs and meet these needs through our talent pool of dedicated National Bank Members. The service will initially help supply Nursing and Midwifery workers and Allied Health Professionals and will shortly be rolling out to additional staff groups.

The NHS Professionals National Bank bridges the gap between your own staff bank provision and the use of external agencies, providing an integrated, cost-effective solution to your temporary staffing needs.


Why choose NHS Professionals National Bank?

As the leading provider of flexible workers to the NHS, NHS Professionals has the experience and knowledge to deliver this innovative service, continuing our mission to help NHS healthcare organisations reduce external agency spend and create a continuity of care for patients. NHS Professionals is uniquely owned by the Department of Health and Social Care keeping any staffing spend within the system.

By choosing the NHS Professionals National Bank, NHS healthcare organisations will receive the following benefits:

  • Cost efficiency - More cost-effective than external agencies
  • Pay-as-you-go - If there is no staffing requirement, there is no cost
  • Seamless interface - Integrated technology and systems reducing Trust administration
  • Staff reporting - Full visibility through business intelligence
  • Seamless implementation – Fully onboarded solution with minimal resource required
  • Partnering - Supports collaborative working without wholesale change
  • Recruitment - We partner with you to identify local staffing needs and build bespoke recruitment campaigns based on our findings.

Since launching in June 2021, we have partnered with the following Trusts:

  • Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Bury Hospice
  • Central And North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust
  • North East London Foundation Trust
  • North London Hospice
  • Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • St Clare Hospice
  • St Elizabeth’s Hospice
  • St Luke’s Hospice Sheffield
  • The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Hospice of the Good Shepherd

We continue to work with new NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations in-line with the expansion of this service.


What will it cost?

This service is free to join, with no subscription fee or implementation cost. It acts as a first alternative, prior to external agency. A universal rate charge is payable, regardless of staff group, minimising cost and maximising NHS organisations’ savings.


Further information

To find out more about the NHS Professionals National Bank service, please email our team on NB@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk.