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Care Planning


The aim of this programme is to explore the care planning process using the political and social context as a backdrop to inform decision-making. Using case scenarios, delegates will work together in groups to formulate a personalised care plan that puts the patient at the heart of the planning. The course will consider the social and political context of care provision, the importance of cultural, social, and religious values and beliefs, and the role of the professional to ensure the best outcomes for the patient using a partnership approach to care planning.


Who is it for?

Anyone who is involved in care planning processes in any area of care provision including primary, secondary, and community settings, local authorities, and voluntary and third sector organisations.


Course Objectives:

  • To review The NHS Long Term Plan and other key documents and to understand the role of the Integrated Care System (ICS) in the provision of care
  • To explore the importance of cultural, social, and religious values and beliefs of patients, their families, and carers and the impact these have on individualised care planning
  • To understand the concepts of ‘choice and control’ and how we enable these for our patients, their families, and carers
  • To consider the importance of decision-making, advocacy, and good communication in care planning
  • To successfully complete an individualised scenario-based care plan that considers political, social, cultural, and religious values and beliefs and that is built in partnership with the patient at the centre of the plan


Course Content

This will be delivered through large group discussion and facilitated scenario-based learning in small groups

  • Overview of The NHS Long Term Plan and other relevant national policies and how these affect the context of care delivery and the role of the ICS in the future of care delivery
  • The role of the Multidisciplinary Team and external agencies (social care/GPs/other NHS organisations/Voluntary and Third sector) in planning care
  • Working with the end in mind – what are the long-term goals of the plan
  • Control and Choice – what do these mean and how are they advocated
  • Working with cultural, social, and religious differences to facilitate personalised care plans
  • Consent and the Mental Capacity Act
  • Decision-making, advocacy, and communication
  • Record keeping



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