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OSCE Preparation Training – Adult Acute


Adult Acute OSCE Preparation and Acclimatisation Training Programme, accredited by the RCN


This 3-week training programme is delivered at our training academy in Milton Keynes and provides an opportunity for delegates to practice in a simulated environment, collaborate and share their learning. What is often overlooked is the accompanying requirements for cultural immersion and developing confidence in day-to-day life in the UK.

Our course also provides and introduction into the NHS culture and ways of working.

Benefits of the programme:

  • High pass rates, ensuring that the nurses are capable and operational within a short period of time
  • High quality educational programme based on best practice in Higher Education Institutions using simulation for enhanced skills development
  • Specialist tuition provided by former OSCE assessors who are experts in their fields
  • Dedicated centre for OSCE preparation training that mirrors the assessment centre
  • Active blended approach to learning which starts with preparation in-country, intensive practice and feedback and post-course support

NHS Professionals’ recruitment and training services offer a seamless experience. From initial recruitment to completing the OSCE Examination and registration with the NMC, NHS Professionals supports our nurses every step of the way.


Learning Objectives

On completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for successful completion of the Legacy and TOC 21 OSCE Assessment
  • Prepare confidently for the assessment process
  • Understand and apply the NMC Code to a range of scenarios
  • Appreciate the culture & values of the NHS and Social Care systems
  • Create an individual Personal Development Plan 

We recommend that nurses stay in serviced apartments close to the training centre in Milton Keynes for the duration of the course. These self-contained apartments allow for total focus on the programme and minimise distractions.

Indicative Learning Content:

  • This is an exploration of the principles on which the NHS is based and the culture into which candidates will be working. Underpinning this are the behaviours expected of staff working in the NHS.
  • In the session candidates explore practical ways to cope with the transition from their home healthcare system to the NHS. Practical advice on how to manage difficult conversations and work within the NMC Code of Conduct.
  • A scenario-based station including an Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) Scenario’s are pen portraits of patients with specific illnesses such as asthma.
  • Completion of an observation chart for example: National Early Warning Score (NEWS) , Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS).
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Use of the 6 Cs.
  • A silent written station.
  • Document 2 relevant Nursing needs/problems chosen by the Candidate, related to the Assessment station.
  • To include associated self-care.
  • Medicines management.
  • Including oral medication administration.
  • Document notes concerning a patient transfer to ward or discharge home.
  • These notes are to assist the Candidate and are not marked by the Assessor.
  • Verbal Situation Background Assessment Recommendations handover to a health professional (the Assessor).
  • All previous written documentation provided.
  • Candidates to undertake a timed, full 10 station mock OSCE.
  • Observed individually by a Trainer, with feedback given.
  • During the course Candidates are given lists of common fails for each OSCE station for example ‘not monitoring the time when completing the ANTT skill station’.
  • A PDP document will be given to each Candidate to be completed.
  • The PDP enables candidates to identify strengths and weaknesses of each station and actions and resources needed to be best prepared for the OSCE examination.
  • Information from the PDP is shared with the employer to support ongoing preparation for the OSCE once candidates are back working at the NHS Trust prior to taking the OSCE test.

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