NHSP Digest: September





Welcome to NHSP's September Digest! Stay informed with what is going on at NHS Professionals with the latest news and updates.
We are delighted to announce some new appointments to the NHS Professionals team, including our new CEO Nicola McQueen, who brings with her a vast amount of experience in the staffing sector.
We want to say thanks, to you, and to all our fantastic bank members, for continuing to support your trusts with unfilled shift pressures. This August the NHSP family worked a remarkable 2.5 million hours delivering high-quality patient care and 82% of vacant shifts were filled by bank members rather than through agencies, this is the highest ever.
Your New Chief Executive
Nicola McQueen
NHS Professionals has appointed Nicola McQueen as its new Chief Executive Officer. Nicola is dedicated and committed to providing a quality customer experience to all of our valued bank members and is working towards improving the delivery of services to our clients.
Nicola's experience in flexible staffing will assist us to improve our services to support bank members in delivering world class patient care. Read more »
Bank members of the month
Each month we select four of our fantastic bank members that have been working for the NHS, supporting their local trust in delivering high quality patient care. This month we have winners from:
NHS Professionals secures James Orr as Managing Director for fast-growing division Doctors Direct
As part of the on-going transformational journey. NHS Professionals has appointed James Orr to take forward Doctors Direct division and establish it substantially. James is dedicated to delivering us broad NHS staffing solutions. We are excited to welcome him on board. Read more »
New Addition
Becky Rogerson joins NHS Professionals
We are thrilled to announce our new Regional Director, Becky Rogerson. Becky will be an integral part of senior leadership at NHS Professionals and will support us in building a positive customer experience for our valued flexible workers and trusts. Read more »
Update: Additional staff groups and more!
On the 29th July Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) was awarded the contract to run the Nottingham Treatment Centre.
Rated as Outstanding for Caring with an overall rating of Good by the CQC, Kent & Medway employs more than 3,200 staff from a range of professions.
On the 29th July, Doctors went live at Worcester. NHS Professionals now supplies all staff groups to this Trust.