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Trust ID Swipe Card

It is mandatory for NHS Professionals Bank Members to get a Trust ID card which will provide access to wards and clinical areas that you might be working in.

In order to get a Trust ID card email gmmh@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk with:

  • A passport style photo
  • Your job title
  • Confirmation as to whether access to Parkhouse is needed (as this is a separate ID card)

ePMA (Electronic Prescribing Access)

If you undertake shifts on an Inpatient ward within the Trust you will require "Paris" and "ePMA" accounts. The Trust are rolling out ePMA incrementally so some wards will be still working with paper medication chats. Click here for information on how to complete the training. Note: You will need a Trust Network Account to access this training.

Trust Network Account

Some roles need Network Account Access. Upon attending your first shift, speak to the manager to see if you should get a Network Account. The manager will need to log a request on the IT Helpdesk Portal following the below steps. The request must be approved by someone on the IT Approvers list before it can be actioned.

  1. Click Make a request
  2. Click New and changes to existing network accounts
  3. Click New Network Account

Working at Edenfield

Before booking shifts at Edenfield you must have attended Key Induction Training. Follow the steps below to get started:

Working at Gardener Unit

Before booking shifts at Gardener Unit you must have attended Gardener Unit Key Induction Training. You will need to contact the ward manager (Phone: 0161 773 9121) to book on.

Working at prison locations

To work at HMP Garth, HMP Hindley, HMP Manchester, HMP Risley, HMP Styal, HMP Thorn Cross or HMP Wymott you must be prison cleared. If you would like to work at any of these locations, please email gmmh@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk and request being put through prison clearance. Please do not book any shifts at these locations as if you are not prison cleared as you will be turned away from the shift.

Parking & Transport

Regular visitors may apply for a parking permit for a monthly fee that allows an unlimited amount of visits. If you are interested in this service, please visit the Curve and speak to the receptionist. More information on parking charges, and transport to GMMH can be found by clicking here.

Trust Policies

We advise that all Bank Members familiarise themselves with Trust policies which can be accessed by clicking here.