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Purpose of Patient Safety Incident Response


The priority of the patient incident response is to address serious threat of injury, discomfort, or threat to life and identify any learning that can be generalised to prevent re occurrence. It must also support any affected person through the process with transparency and candour.

Patient Safety Investigation is a complex task that requires skill, knowledge, time, and resource. The quality of the incident response and any investigation determines the effectiveness of actions recommendations and solutions in reducing or preventing recurrence of incidents across the sector. This course provides a systems approach to the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework.


Who is it for?

All Lead investigators conducting patient safety incident investigations. All Executive, Commissioning and Service leads for investigation. Investigators supporting or overseeing patient safety incident investigations.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the systems approach to Patient Safety Incidents examination/investigation
  • Outline the aim of PSII in supporting learning improvement and prevention of recurrence by reviewing the Systems Processes and Practice
  • Apply criteria for appropriate examination and proportionate action
  • Respond to a patient safety incident - requiring Patient Safety Incident Investigation (PSII) based on the local strategic plan
  • Manage risk in the decision-making process for investigation of highest risks and the greatest potential for improvement
  • Support any individual or team involved in the incident or investigation


Course Content:

  • Understanding will be tested through pre-course reading and in-course exploration of the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIF)
  • Decision-making in response to a patient safety incident
  • Using the Patient Safety Response Plan tool completion of Situational Analysis
  • Review, methods appropriate alternatives to investigation
  • Involving patients, families, and carers in incident response, including duty of candour
  • Developing safety actions and safety recommendations


Indicative Duration:

1 day

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