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Just Culture


Just Culture allows healthcare professionals to feel safe to report errors and “near misses” openly. Participants in the Just Culture in Healthcare programme learn how to apply the Just Culture Algorithm, to reinforce Just Culture principles and create a culture of learning, that sustainably reduces risk and improves patient safety.


Who is it for?


All Lead investigators conducting patient safety incident investigations. All Executive, Commissioning and Service lead for investigation. Investigators supporting or overseeing patient safety incident investigations.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of accountability and justice in a patient safety learning culture
  • Identify the role of an organization’s mission and values in building a just culture
  • Explain and be able to mitigate judgement
  • Identify three system strategies to manage risk in patient safety
  • Manage five core behaviours affecting risk
  • Perform a causal evaluation of an event
  • Utilize the Just Culture Algorithm™
  • Explore how to implement a just culture


Learning Content:

  • The history of our social trend toward a more punitive, yet unaccountable culture
  • The notions of duty, breach, and consequence as applied to “fallible” human beings
  • The scientific, legal, and social basis for a more just culture
  • The design of the Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • How to become a role model, mentor, and coach to your employees


Indicative Duration:

2 days

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