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Three different medical professionals performing their duties in a hospital setting

Nurses, Midwives and Healthcare Assistants

We have a number of opportunities for Nurses, Midwives, and Healthcare Assistants at our client Trusts. From students, Registered Nurses, and Midwives to highly specialised roles, grades, and specialities, we can help develop your NHS career.

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Three Allied Health Professionals focused on performing their duties in various medical settings

Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists and Social Workers

Our Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) help people live their lives as fully as possible by treating, rehabilitating, and improving the lives of patients.

Our Healthcare Scientists (HCS) play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many medical conditions, using their expertise to help save lives.

And, our social workers play a critical role in improving overall wellbeing and mental health for NHS service users.

Join as an Allied Health Professional, Healthcare Scientist or Social Worker


Two male doctors having a discussion in a medical setting


If you are interested in joining Doctors Direct as an NHS Locum, click the link below. If you have previously worked at one of our partner Trusts and would like to work shifts within that Trust only, you can join with our Bank Exclusive membership. Alternatively, if you are not permanently employed by one of our partner Trusts and would like the flexibility of working at any of our NHS Trusts, you can apply through the Bank Only route.

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Two males and one female performing non-clinical duties in various undisclosed settings


A Non-Clinical role in healthcare does not involve administering medicine and is not directly involved in diagnosis and treatment processes.

NHS Professionals offers a variety of Non-Clinical roles, these different functions support the Trust’s clinical teams and are the backbone of the NHS.

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Three Healthcare Support Workers tending to patients in a medical setting

Healthcare Support Worker Development (HCSWD) Programme

New to Healthcare? Our HCSWD programme provides the unique opportunity to begin your healthcare career with the NHS by providing you with all the training, support, and supervision you need to become a Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW). We regularly run our programmes throughout the year, with opportunities in Acute and Mental Health care. Depending on the programme, we consider candidates with no previous healthcare experience as well as those with at least 3 months healthcare experience within the last 2 years.

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