We’re With You’ – for this winter and beyond


‘We’re with you– that’s the powerful message from NHS Professionals as their latest staffing campaign gets underway.


Over 180,000 temporary workers have already registered with NHS Professionals, gaining access to shifts that directly support patient care and staffing in NHS Trusts across England.  


As we approach the darker winter months, healthcare professionals, other clinical staff and non-clinical staff are being encouraged to support their local Trusts and hospitals by registering with NHS Professionals as Bank Members.


A beautiful new film, released recently is at the heart of this campaign. This film can be viewed online: https://www.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/campaigns/we-are-with-you.


‘We’re with you’ showcases the vital work of NHS Professionals’ Bank Members who cover virtually all clinical and non-clinical specialisms. It also gives an insight into the wide range of benefits onoffer – not least the opportunity to create a flexible working schedule which supports career aspirations, progression and work/life balance.


Teresa Walker is a qualified Midwife who has been working with NHS Professionals since November 2019. She says:


"NHSP has supported my work-life balance and family commitments enormously. Whilst I still want to support the team and work on the unit, I have the ability to choose what suits around the needs of the family."


ICU Nurse Milandra James joined NHS Professionals in January 2021 and is equally as enthusiastic about the opportunities on offer:


“If anyone is seeking flexibility and more control over their working hours, I would recommend NHSP.”

Juliette Cosgrove, NHS Professionals Chief Nurse, added:


I am proud of every one of our Bank Members and the care and treatment that they providein NHS Trusts and hospitals throughout the country.


Winter is, traditionally, the most difficult time of the year. After eighteen months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all still on the frontline, working to keep it at bay to protect our patients and their communities."


We need more people to join us, supporting staffing in their local NHS by working in the teams that are already there. In return, we promise to be with them at every moment so that they can confidently build the flexible career that works for them.


Nicola McQueen, NHS Professionals’ Chief Executive, added:


“’We’re with you’ is our message to our current and future Bank Members – at every part of their flexible NHS career.


Our Bank Members all make a difference to sustainable staffing and supporting patient care in our client TrustsNHS Professionals exists to help provide the best opportunities to work in the NHS, and I’m delighted to see our new campaign telling that story so well.


Information about joining NHS Professionals and making a difference to your local NHS can be found at the end of the film, or through NHS Professionals’ website: www.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/joining-nhsp