Putting People in Places to Care

As a critical workforce provider to the NHS, NHS Professionals is focussed on one thing:  putting people in places to care throughout England.  This singular focus is at the heart of the business’ new campaign which leads them into the new financial year – and beyond. 
“I am proud of everything that we achieve,” said Nicola McQueen, NHS Professionals’ Chief Executive. “Every person in the company is focused on making a difference to NHS staffing, whether they’re the newest Bank Member or the most seasoned corporate HR leader. Our message is simple, direct and to the point.  We are experts in workforce planning and staffing, with a unique relationship to the NHS and wider healthcare system."
“We are making a promise to those who want to find opportunities to work in the NHS, and to NHS Trusts throughout England who need staff on their ward floors or indeed other critical patient care settings.  We stand ready to staff the NHS wherever needed and the past two years have shown that, very often, we are the first responders to healthcare staffing needs. Putting People in Places to Care tells everyone what we do, and what we’re best at.  I’m excited to see this message being brought to life across the next year.” 
The Putting People in Places to Care message has been carefully developed to describe NHS Professionals’ work and its relationship with the wider healthcare system.  The rationale to this message is as follows: 
• Putting – NHS Professionals’ role is to source flexible workers and put opportunities in front of them which help them to book shifts around their work/life commitments. 
• People – everything the business does is focused on people, staff, Bank Members, client Trusts and patients  
• In Places – places may be geographical areas, specific wards/departments within a Trust or community healthcare settings  
• To Care – patient care is at the heart of everything the NHS does.  Patient care is what motivates Bank Members and why NHS Professionals’ campaign message – Putting People in Places to Care – is so important. 
The new campaign message has been beautifully captured in this video, which is released today (21 January 2022): 



To find out more, please follow NHS Professionals on social media – or apply to join the community of clinical and non-clinical healthcare specialists in places to care throughout England.