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The health and safety of our bank members is very important to us. The Department of Health and Social Care publish regular information on their website. You can find out the latest updates on COVID-19 here

NHS Professionals (NHSP) and Doctors Direct are working closely with our client Trusts and local and national health bodies to ensure all necessary precautions are taken. Where Personal and protective equipment (PPE) is required you will be expected to use this.


Risk Assessments

We are highly encouraging bank members particularly those more at risk to complete a risk assessment, you would have received an email from NHSP with a link to complete your risk assessment online. It involves you answering a series of questions designed to indicate whether you are likely to be at greater risk of developing more serious symptoms if you come into contact with COVID-19. The results of this risk assessment will help you, NHSP and the Trusts you work in to know if you require temporary redeployment to a work area considered low exposure to COVID-19 or temporary workplace modifications based on your level of risk. You can find out more about risk assessments by visiting our FAQs page.


We hope this information reassures you, but if you have any questions, whether you work through NHSP or Doctors Direct, we have a dedicated email address for you to contact: pandemicplanning@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk



Last updated: 13/10/2020


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