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Amarachi Uwakwe

Amarachi joined NHSP two years ago and works within the Admin and Clerical Staff Group. As an international student from the USA, joining the NHSP team allowed Amarachi to have the flexibility she needed to completed her Masters in Public Health at Kings' College London. Working within the NHS has allowed Amarachi to enrich and expand her knowledge within the England's Health sector which has led her to pursue a PhD in Health.

Amber Mills

Amber currently works as a Clinical Governance Manager but regularly undertakes NHSP shifts on her previous ward where she worked as a ward sister. Amber has been an NHSP member since 2017. She first began undertaking NHSP shifts alongside her full-time role to allow her to explore the different work opportunities available through the agency. This allowed her to develop professionally and gain experience in several wards, areas, and specialities across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Amber first began her NHSP role as a band 5 staff nurse and then with a promotion to a band 6 ward sister she applied for NTL on NHSP. Due to leaving the trust she used to worked in to pursue my career goals, Amber went through the process of re-joining NHSP to be a bank exclusive member.

Gavin Gengan

Gavin has enjoyed working with NHSP as a Care Support Worker for the last two years and is passionate about working in the hospital environment. Gavin joined our Member Advisory Group as he is keen to share challenges he has experienced as a bank member and help support with ideas for improvements.

Gemma Holloway

As a Mum of two, Gemma joined NHSP in 2019 through the Care Support Worker Development Programme with 5 years experience in care. Gemma now works bank shifts across her local Trust which helps Gemma continue to learn new skills, meet new people and provide a willing pair of hands to our NHS team. Gemma said “Together we are stronger and I am so proud to work alongside our NHS colleagues”.

Harry Epsom

Harry has been an NHSP Bank Member for 2 years and works within the Support Services Staff Group. Harry joined the bank as NHSP were able to provide extensive training and development opportunities while offering him flexibility to thrive in a forever rewarding career within our National Health Service. Harry said that joining NHSP was the start of my career and it is a pleasure to work alongside some extraordinary people”.

Jackson Bright

Jackson started working with NHSP in 2018. He has worked in 4 different NHS trusts and hopes to increase that number. Jackson’s goal is to be a hospital CEO one day, having an MSc in International Business. The NHS is a great institution that has been of benefit to him personally and his wider family. He would love to help grow this institution for future generations.

Jacqui Cunliffe

Jacqui moved to Nottingham in 2015 and has over 10 years’ experience in caring for Children and the elderly. Before joining the NHSP, she worked as a personal assistant for a company whose owner had also worked for many years as an HCA for the NHS. Jacqui heard about the CSWD through a friend and applied for the programme mainly because of the flexible hours and for being close to home. She joined the Respiratory Admission Unit in October 2019 where she enjoyed the learning experience and the opportunity to work for a bigger organisation. Now, Jacqui tends to choose shifts at the stroke rehabilitation ward where she has made very good friends and feels welcomed.

Julie Barton

Julie is a Registered Nurse having been a mature student, gaining her degree in 2013, aged 47. Due to personal circumstances, Julie had to leave the NHS and chose to join NHSP as a Bank Member. Joining the bank allowed Julie to work bank shifts while studying offering Julie a suitable work-life balance and while also helping to support the NHS.

Maggie Moore

Maggie had only recently retired from a 40-year nursing career, when she joined NHSP to support the NHS during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that experience gained, she is now excited to be a member of the advisory group, where she is determined to play her part to ensure all NHSP bank members have a voice, and that their journey through the various processes are as efficient as possible.

Miriam Younger

Having worked in the family business for almost 20 years, challenges in Miriam’s personal life led her to a mid-working life career change. Starting from the bottom with an access to higher education course, it followed with a BSc (Hons) in midwifery, qualification, and registration with NMC and into clinical practice. After completing the preceptorship, she undertook an MSc in midwifery alongside clinical practice and at that point became a flexible worker with NHSP to enable her to work alongside academia. Once Miriam completed the MSc, she decided to continue to work flexibly and has done so since 2016. It continues to suit her home life, especially as she has had 2 children during this period too. When the opportunity arose to become a bank worker committee member, Miriam relished the opportunity to help other bank workers maximise their work experience within the organisation.

Samuel Amoako

Samuel would describe himself as a person with a versatile skill set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy his team and clients. He started working in the NHS back in 2017; beginning his NHS career as a Clinical Support Worker. During this time, he studied at Middlesex University in Assistant Practitioner Programme. Samuel graduated with a Diploma and two years later went back to pursue a mental health nursing programme. In September 2021, Samuel became a Qualified Mental Health Nurse. Samuel enjoys working for the NHS because there are a lot of career pathways to help staff members develop their career, where there is a strong focus on training and helping staff to progress, which allows you to acquire a unique set of skills working with NHS.

Tanya Shahnawaz

Tanya has been working with NHSP for 4 years across a range of different trusts in the country, what she loves about her job the most is working with new teams in various medical disciplines every day, from A&E to Outpatient departments, there's always so much to learn and no two days are the same.

Tina Camlin

Tina has been a nurse since 1988. It's been an exciting career that's taken her to other countries. She has helped open a medical clinic 15,000ft in the Andes mountains of Peru, and has worked in gun infested gang areas of America. All these experiences provide cultural insight and that's exactly why, Tina chose to volunteer on the NHSP advisory group. In her spare time, Tina writes poetry, is published in Anthologies, likes to forage the Lancashire countryside, and make blackberry wine. Tina is a qualified scuba diver & paints oil landscape. Tina also is owned by two cheeky cats called Maximus & Beanie.

Wadzanai Wonzeri

Wadzanai has been a bank member for 2 years having joined NHS Professionals to support with the Test and Trace programme. Wadzanai is passionate about ensuring NHSP members have a voice and equal opportunities.

Wale Olugbenga

Wale is a self-motivated support worker. Presently working with the NHSP/GMMH Prestwich, Greater Manchester. His first job as a care assistant was in December 2013 in MHA care home, Woodland, Stockport. Wale’s job was to provide support for elderly people and care for individuals with various kinds of illness and diseases. Due to the passion and love he has in taking care of people, it led him to apply with NHSP in 2019 through an apprenticeship. Wale likes helping people even colleagues to maintain their autonomy, choices and promote their independence and wellbeing. This causes individuals to feel empowered and in control of their life, which in return gives him a good feeling and a sense of purpose that led him to apply as a member of the advisory group.

Zainab Onwuzike

Zainab started working with NHSP Rapid response, during the covid 19 pandemic in September 2021, she has since been converted to bank exclusive with Stepping Hill hospital. Zainab feels that it has been a pleasure serving humanity through the NHS. The diversity and inclusion within the NHS, is admirable and as Zainab is from an African heritage and a single mum, the flexibility of shifts helps to maintain balance between her personal life and work. Zainab is passionate about patient care and strives to maintain the standards and values the NHS sets for itself.