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Become a Gateway Partner

NHS Professionals and Doctors Direct are committed to the values and principles of the NHS. We are solely owned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), and our entire focus is providing patients with world class care by working in partnership with organisations across the country.


Becoming a Gateway Partner provides the following:

  • Gateway Doctors recruited to NHS Employers check standards
  • Innovative programmes tailored to your needs, providing Doctors across all grades
  • Significant and proven cost savings on agency spend 
  • Collaborative approach to support your workforce requirements and long-term rota planning
  • Improved continuity of care for patients
  • Highest standards of Clinical Governance


Doctors Gateway Programmes have been developed to provide organisations with workforce stability and improved continuity of care for patients, whilst offering Doctors who are ‘net new’ to the NHS an opportunity to start their career in a safe and supported environment. Our programmes are free of charge for Doctors to complete, offering them the ability to develop professionally and help the NHS manage their demand capacity.  

Our Gateway Programmes have been specifically designed with Partners in mind by. Our dedicated Doctors Gateway team provide the following:

  • Candidate identification and attraction
  • K based NHS senior clinicians quality assure CVs and conduct interviews appropriate interviews to the level at which the Doctor will work
  • 1-day NHS acclimatisation induction
  • Successful candidates are recruited to NHS Employers checks standards
  • Collaborative onboarding approach aligned to organisations requirements, with a dedicated Gateway Partner lead
  • Provision of appraisals for Doctors, provided by our dedicated appraisal team, meeting GMC standards. These are shared with the organisation’s Responsible Officer
  • Quarterly Partner network meetings, designed to share feedback and best practice


To support quality improvement of the clinical provision and retention of Doctors on the programme the Gateway team provide;

  • 30 hours a year of accredited learning designed specifically to meet Doctors needs
  • Guidance in creating their own Personal Development Plan
  • Support with the next steps in their career, understanding relevant certification*
  • Access to
    • Gateway buddy
    • Mentorship programme provided by senior clinicians
    • Counselling support**


Find out more about becoming a Gateway Partner by submitting your details here.


*On relevant programmes a Doctors will be supported in the completion of CREST or CESR

**For Doctors completing the Gateway Access programme