Whatever your background or story, your role is vital to the NHS, every bank member we employ makes a real difference to patients lives every day.

We value your skills, dedication and commitment in supporting your local trust and the NHS, and we believe together we can continue to deliver world-class healthcare service to our patients. 

This year alone, our bank members have filled an incredible 25 million in bank hours across 55 NHS trusts in England. We are extremely proud of our bank members, who provide essential shift cover for our NHS.

Our Bank

Staff banks play a vital role in supporting the NHS to maintain high standards of patient safety and care. If a hospital does not have enough staff on a ward, due to increased demand, sickness or staff shortages, they need the support of temporary staff. Agencies provide a short-term fix, but they charge a very large fee. 

NHS Professionals works with trusts to reduce their reliance on expensive agencies by developing a ‘bank’ of highly-skilled flexible workers who want to work for the NHS. Right now, we have over 120,000 members registered on our bank from various roles, grades and specialities.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your skill set, gain more experience or simply earn a bit of extra money, NHS Professionals can help you achieve this. 

Register with us and look forward to exciting career opportunities as well as the ability to develop professionally and obtain experience in the NHS at some of the most prestigious NHS trusts in England. 


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