NHS Professionals launches COVID-19 Rapid Response to boost frontline services

NHS Professionals has launched Covid-19 Rapid Response to enable qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals, who may or may not be currently working in the NHS and who want to help in the battle against the current pandemic, to move quickly and safely to the frontline.

NHS Professionals runs the largest staff bank in England, providing a simple, central entry point into the service. The new protocol is designed to allow qualified health professionals to register with the bank within 24 hours and be available to deliver shifts to the NHS almost immediately.

NHS Professionals’ Chief Nurse and Director of Clinical Governance, Juliette Cosgrove, will join the bank and urges health professionals from across the health care sector to do the same.

“Our message is simple. If you are a qualified health professional who wants to work in the NHS to help reduce pressures, one of the simplest and most straightforward routes in is through the NHS Professionals staff bank. Our COVID-19 Rapid Response service should allow you to register with the bank within 24 hours and be available to work in the NHS almost immediately.”

“The country is facing unprecedented challenge and NHS Professionals is committed to playing a key role in underpinning the current drive to boost front line services. Our priority is to ensure qualified health professionals are in the right place at the right time.”

“We welcome professionals from any part of the health system, whether NHS or private, whether recently retired or students.”

“Anyone who would like to join the NHS Professionals bank should visit our website to start their registration. https://go.nhsp.uk/rapidresponse




Notes to editor

NHS Professionals manages flexible worker services. We work in partnership with over 55 NHS trusts to help them to reduce their reliance on agencies by providing a service that combines an intimate understanding of the trusts’ temporary workforce requirements with the reassurance of a safe, quality and reliable supply of cost-effective temporary staff.

And because NHSP is wholly owned by the Department of Health and Social Care, all our profits are reinvested back into the wider healthcare economy.

Our business was founded on nursing and midwifery, but now we specialise in much more. Right now, we have over 130,000 members registered on our bank from various roles, grades and specialities. Our bank members fill around 26 million hours for our clients each year, working flexibly around their lifestyles by choosing the hours that suit them.

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