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We have a dedicated recruitment consultant team that are here to help.

Call: 03330 144 354


Already a member?

Here, you will find useful information about being an NHSP Non-Clinical member.

If you are a new to the bank then a recruitment consultant will call you to discuss upcoming opportunities. If you’re nearing the end of your placement please contact your NHSP recruitment consultant to discuss new opportunities.

We know how important it is to get paid on time for the work you’ve done. Follow these steps and you can be confident you’ll get the money you’ve earned, right on time, every time.

Your time sheet will be authorised by your ward/department manager – authorised timesheets ready for release will appear in your notifications section in My:Bank

You then need to release your timesheet by 23.59 on Sunday to get paid the following Friday.

Tip: if it’s your first shift, you’ll need to release your timesheet by Wednesday for payment the following Friday. After that it’s by midnight Sunday for the following Friday. (Please note these dates may change due to Bank Holidays).

If your shift authoriser isn’t available or you need help with your timesheets, please contact the National Service Centre on 03332 407 552.

You can view and download your payslips anytime from My:Bank

You’ll build up paid annual leave from your first shift and for every hour you work.

To book leave and check how many hours you have, log onto our holiday booking system, or access it directly from My:Bank.

Tip: your login and password details for the holiday booking system are the same as your My:Bank login details.

We’ve created a step-by-step user guide for annual leave but here are some key points to remember:

Your annual leave year starts from the date of your first shift, not the date you joined the Bank. For example, if you joined the Bank on 3 January 2021 but booked your first shift on 3 February 2021, your annual leave year will run from 3 February 2021 to 2 February 2022

You can’t book annual leave and a working shift at the same time. But if you change your mind and decide to work a shift, you can cancel your holiday booking and rebook to a more suitable time

When you book leave, the booking system will automatically authorise and release your timesheet for payment, and you’ll be paid in the same way as normal bank shifts

Your paid hours do not include lunch or tea breaks and they are limited to 37.5 hours per week

You can claim annual leave once you’ve worked a minimum of one shift per week over a 12-week period

You can’t roll over unclaimed annual leave into the next year, so make sure book all your leave before it expires at the year end. Use it or lose it!

You can choose to join our pension scheme to help you save for your retirement. 

To join the scheme

From 1st March 2022 onwards:

Please be advised that the pensions provider will be changing from Scottish Widows to Royal London from 1st March 2022 so bank members will be required to complete a new form to continue contributions after 1st March 2022.

Apply to the Royal London scheme

For more information, useful guides and frequently asked questions, please visit our help and advice centre.