Consent Information for Occupational Health Referral

In order for you to be safe at work we need you to complete a health assessment via our nominated Occupational Health Service provider, Optima Health (“Optima”).


Once you have given your consent, we will pass your name, contact information and other relevant details to Optima, who will invite you to complete the initial health assessment via their online portal. If you have any difficulties completing this, please contact NHS Professionals on 03332 407 552.


What is a Health Assessment?


The purpose of a health assessment is to ensure, as far as possible, that there are no health reasons which would relate to your fitness to work in the role. The health assessment will require you to complete an online pre-placement questionnaire provided by Optima. If the initial assessment identifies a health condition that is relevant to your role, then you will be asked to attend one or more clinical interviews (by telephone, video or face to face) with a registered practitioner (a “Consultation”). If a Consultation is needed, Optima will require your express permission to undertake one. No details from a Clinical Assessment will be passed to NHS Professionals (NHSP) without your consent. All data captured during the process will be stored electronically in the Optima system in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.


When completing the health assessment, if any reasonable adjustments are identified, NHSP will provide a report to recruiting trusts. This will be to inform trusts of the adjustments which need to be accommodated.


A disability or health problem does not affect your consideration for the role and, where possible, adjustments will be discussed. Questions will be asked about your past and present health, and the information you provide will remain confidential to the Occupational Health Service and nominated managers (“Referring Managers”). For the purposes of this referral the Referring Manager(s) will be named by the clinical governance team. Other NHS Professionals employees may also have access to the information but only where this is strictly necessary for the purposes of your employment within an NHS setting, this information is documented in NHS Professionals Privacy Notice.


Following the health assessment process, you will be required to document your immunisation history which is assessed against your role.