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Whatever your background or story, your role is vital to the NHS, every bank member we employ makes a real difference to patient lives every day.

We value your skills, dedication and commitment in supporting your local trust and the NHS, and we believe together we can continue to deliver world-class healthcare service to our patients. 


Our Bank


NHS Professionals works with trusts to reduce their reliance on expensive agencies by developing a ‘bank’ of highly-skilled flexible workers who want to work for the NHS. Right now, we have over 120,000 members registered on our bank from various roles, grades and specialities.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your skillset, gain more experience or simply earn a bit of extra money, NHS Professionals can help you achieve this.

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Reasons to Join 

Whether you are looking to enhance your skillset, gain more experience or simply earn a bit of extra money from your existing role, we can help you achieve this through the staff bank.  

Join today and enjoy a number of benefits: 

  • Competitive pay rates
  • First choice of shifts
  • Access to shifts before they
  • are available to Agency
  • Flexible working to suit your lifestyle
  • Take control of when you want to work
  • Work this week, get
  • paid next week
  • Build holiday
  • allowance for every shift worked
  • Book and manage shifts online
  • Access shifts anywhere, anytime or through your smartphone
  • Support when you need it
  • 24/7 365 days
  • 03332 407 552
  • Stakeholder
  • pension scheme
  • available

Register today  

By joining today you can start looking forward to a choice of flexible NHS jobs and long-term placement opportunities, as well as the ability to develop professionally and gain experience in number of wards and areas across a number of our client tusts

There are different membership options to suit you. Whether, you are already working at one of our client Trusts and want to pick up some extra shifts or you would like to join on a more permanent basis.   

Membership options: 

  • Substantive - If you are permanently employed at one of our client Trusts and would like to pick up extra shifts through the Bank at that Trust, you can apply through our substantive route. 
  • Bank Exclusive - If you have previously worked at one of our client Trusts and would like to work shifts back at that trust only, you can apply through our bank exclusive route. 
  • Full Bank - If you are not permanently employed by one of our client Trusts and would like the flexibility of working at any of our Trusts, you can apply through the Bank Only route. 

Together we can deliver great patient care and safety.  

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