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General FAQs

No, as a Flexible Worker you are not entitled to compassionate leave. You are registered with NHS Professionals under a Registration Document and there is no obligation for you to accept shifts.
If you need to cancel a shift then please let us know as soon as possible. You can do this using My:Bank or by contacting the Service Centre on 0333 240 7552.
Yes, in most circumstances. Please refer to your code of behaviour.

Flexible workers wishing to obtain their P45 can resign by emailing:


P45's can take up to 6 weeks to be issued.
You will need to visit your local Client Relationship team to verify your original change of name documents (marriage or civil partnership certificate, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, birth certificate, deed poll certificate, gender reassignment certificate).
Assignment codes are used to describe the type of assignment undertaken by a Flexible Worker. They consist of the ‘assignment type’ and the ‘area of work’.
For example: Acute: Registered Nurse (RN), General (00) = RN00

Nurses, midwives and care support workers must wear an NHS Professionals uniform, ensuring the local Trust’s uniform policy is adhered to.

Admin and Clerical Workers should wear office attire. At all times you must display your NHS Professionals identity badge. 

Under the flexible worker registration document, you are employed for the duration of a shift. On completion of a shift you are no longer an employee of NHS Professionals.
When you arrive for your shift, you should report to the ward or unit manager who will ensure that you are familiar with the ward/unit and provide any information you may need to know.