Our Members Bank Member Advisory Groups What we’ve discussed so far

What we've discussed so far

1. Update on Member Engagement Activities

At each Member Advisory group meeting we share an overview of the member engagement activities  that we’ve been working on over the last quarter:

  • Member Inductions
  • Campaigns (Bank Member Appreciation Week)
  • Advance notice to complete training and renew professional registration
  • Member surveys (Institute of Customer Service’s Satisfaction Survey)
  • NHS Staff Survey 
  • Simplifying member communications
  • Introduction of the NHSP member webinar series
  • Engaging with inactive members

2. Institute Of Customer Service (ICS) Survey – Headline findings

We are currently working towards our Institute of Customer Service (ICS) Accreditation and as part of this our Bank Members, Client Trusts and Corporate Staff all complete the ICS National Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

We shared a summary of the key findings from bank members and discussed our plans to address the main themes of dissatisfaction.  

3. NHSP Academy – Improving our Training Offer

At our meeting in June 2022, we introduced the improvements we are making to our education and training offer for members through our new NHSP Academy.

We gathered useful feedback from the member advisory group on the  Mandatory & Statutory Training they currently receive to help us to continue to develop and improve the training.

4. Improving Bank Member Inductions 

We shared the work we have been doing on a pilot to improve the induction and ward orientation process for bank members. This includes a useful checklist for members so they know exactly what to do when working on a new ward for the first time.



1.      Update on Member Engagement Activities

NHSP shared an overview of the member engagement activities which had taken place during the previous quarter including:

  • Monthly Member E-Bulletin (Digest)
  • Campaigns (summer recruitment campaign and Pride Month)
  • Introduction of communications providing advance notice to complete training and renew professional registration
  • Member surveys (Institute of Customer Service’s Satisfaction Survey)
  • Monitoring, reporting on and actioning online workplace reviews
  • Simplifying member communications
  • Introduction of the NHSP member webinar series
  • Engaging with inactive members

2.      Member Webinars

At the last Member Advisory Group in March 2022, NHSP asked members for their suggestions for future webinars which would help support members with their career and wellbeing. We have been working in the background to see how we can make these happen.

Since March 2022, five webinars have been delivered, attended by 583 members. The webinars appear to be landing well, with attendees providing an overall satisfaction rating of “Excellent”.

3.      Improving Member’s Onboarding Experience

NSHP shared improvements to prospective member’s joining experience. An Onboarding Hub has been developed which contains all the information and guidance needed to become a member of the NHSP Bank in one place and clear instructions for each part of the joining journey.

Access the Onboarding Hub here.

4.      NHSP Academy: Practical Training Improvements

NHSP shared an overview of the improvements being made to practical training and mandatory and statutory training via the NHSP Academy - NHSP’s new education and training division. 

Our goal for the first Bank Member Advisory Group was to welcome our members, outline the purpose of the groups and get feedback on key agenda items.

A summary of what was discussed is below:

Introduction to NHSPs future approach to engaging with bank members

We want our members to feel informed, supported and valued and have developed a new approach to engaging with our members (the member engagement framework). We introduced our Advisory Group members to the framework which includes:

  • Monthly member engagement communications
  • Bank Member Advisory Groups
  • Member Surveys
  • Member webinar series
  • Engagement with workers no longer booking shifts

Member Webinars

We have launched a new series of webinars for Bank Members in 2022/23 focussed on Health & Wellbeing and Education & Training. Our aim is for these webinars to offer our members access to exclusive content covering a range of topics to support with Continued Professional Development and personal growth.

We asked our Advisory Group members for ideas for future webinars that will help support them with their career and wellbeing. Have you got a webinar idea you’d like to share? Make a suggestion here.

Bank Member Case Studies

We invited members of our Advisory Groups, colleagues, and wider networks to be the focus of Bank Member case studies. We plan to bring our Bank Member’s stories to life and share the real-life benefits of being a bank member with NHS Professionals. By sharing members stories we hope to grow the bank and support our NHS. We also want to hear about our Member’s lived experiences in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion challenges to help bring these issues to light.

Watch this space for updates on our Bank Member Advisory Group Case Studies!