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NHS ConfedExpo 2024 

On 12th-13th June 2024, NHS Professionals are sponsoring ConfedExpo – the biggest event in the NHS calendar!

CEO's Message

I am delighted to welcome you on behalf of NHS Professionals to the most anticipated event in the NHS, ConfedExpo 2024.  

As we continue to focus on supporting NHS Trusts with workforce capacity and productivity, we are holding two thought-provoking sessions. On day one, we’re hosting an expert panel discussion where we will explore how the flexible workforce of the future can add value to the NHS and the new ways of working that are emerging. On day two we are hosting an interactive workshop which will assess current perceptions of the flexible workforce and identify the opportunities to optimise and reimagine this crucial group.

Both sessions will feature healthcare industry experts, alongside NHS Professionals' senior leaders, exploring key workforce challenges facing the NHS today, such as recruitment and retention, as we continue to prioritise patient care. 

Alongside our sessions, this year's ConfedExpo will be an opportunity for the whole industry to reflect and share experiences, gaining new knowledge, insight and connections with peers. 

As an award-winning workforce provider to the NHS, we know the importance of ensuring the NHS has the people and flexibility it needs, at all levels. Our experience over the last 20 years means we are uniquely positioned to support workforce across the healthcare system. Whether you currently work with us as a client or Bank Member, or if you’d like to find out more about our services, we look forward to seeing you on our stand D1a.

Please explore this page to learn more about our involvement in this year’s event and access exclusive materials.

Nicola McQueen
Chief Executive Officer, NHS Professionals


NHS Professionals is exhibiting at #NHSConfedExpo

We welcome you to join us at our Stand: D1a to discover how we can support you to put even more people in places to care.


Sessions supported by NHS Professionals

Panel Discussion

How the flexible workforce adds value to the NHS

Wednesday 12th June 2024 | 9.30 - 10am | Location: Exchange Hall

The flexible workforce has a key part to play in the NHS. What does the workforce of tomorrow look like for the NHS and how do we build a flexible workforce that meets our needs and reflects the way our staff want to work?

This discussion will cover key areas such as supporting training and skills development and how to utilise this crucial and much-valued group.


Our Expert Panel

Interactive Workshop

Today's workforce world: Reshaping the flexible workforce to meet the challenges we face

Thursday 13th June 2024 | 2.00 - 3.15pm | Location: Exchange 8-10

With more career opportunities than ever available in the NHS, ensuring today’s workforce is fully engaged is essential to supporting staffing and patient care. In this interactive roundtable discussion, join healthcare leaders as they explore our flexible workforce and how we can grasp the opportunities to better work with this crucial staff group.

The session will include exclusive insight and research about worker motivations and key drivers for the flexible workforce.


Our Expert Panel

Find out how a core flexible workforce can be the right solution for your healthcare organisation

Take a look at our services page to find out how we grow and retain workforce across the country. Whether you work in a hospital, at Trust level, or for an ICB, we are ready to support staffing for you.

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More about this year's NHS ConfedExpo

For further information, including this year's conference agenda, please visit the NHS ConfedExpo website.