Celebrating National Older Workers Week

NHS Professionals is a proud sponsor of National Older Worker’s Week – celebrating the lifetime of skills and experiences that older workers bring to the NHS.

The week, which takes place on 21st - 25th November 2022, highlights the advantages of hiring multigenerational teams and the value of their experience and skill set.

It’s important our workforce reflects the multigenerational society we live in – 25% of NHS Professionals active workforce are aged 50 or over. That’s why we offer flexible working opportunities for our bank members to gain a better balance for their circumstances, finances and futures.

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Celebrating the experiences of our Bank Members

Gillian - Nurse

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

“I love being a nurse. NHS Professionals allows me to work when I want and choose how many shifts I work each week, so I have a great work life balance and can help my family and grandchildren. I still work in the same area I did when I retired and love going into work for a catch up with my colleagues as well as being part of a great team.”

Karen - Administrator

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

“I started as an NHS Professional Bank Member; it suited me to see if I enjoyed the role. I was sceptical as being of an older generation in a younger environment I wasn't sure if I would fit in. After working for 18 months the role was advertised through NHS, so I applied and was offered a permanent position. I do still work through NHS Professionals too as it provides flexible working so I can choose when I work additional hours to suit work/life balance.”


Jan - Porter

Northern Care Alliance

“I can honestly say that over the last two years, I’ve learnt something different every day. I don’t feel old anymore. I might have to start thinking about getting old, but I don’t feel old!"

Jayne - Administrator

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

"Since turning 50 I have started to travel alone and the shifts I do are always very varied, busy, interesting and fulfilling. I appreciate the work that our service brings to the young people in the community and their families.”

Age diversity in the workplace

As proud sponsors of the National Older Workers Week campaign, we asked some of NHS Professionals' corporate employees to share their career stories, advice and thoughts on age diversity in the workplace.


Steve Birnie 

Director of Standards and Quality Assurance, & Deputy Chairperson for LGBTQIA+ Staff Support Network

“Age diversity is not a new or overlooked concept at NHS Professionals. As part of the NHS Family, we often see individuals switching careers later in life and joining NHS Professionals with the passionate desire to give back to society.”

“Those over 50 have no more or no less to offer than the younger generations. But what we do offer is a different perspective and lived experience, to the same challenges. We can thrive through multigenerational collaboration.”


Alison Dunn

Nurse Lead Clinical Governance

“Within the workplace age and experience count for so much and it is wonderful to share this with younger generations joining the workforce. There is so much still to learn to enhance your work experience - never be afraid to ask, learn and, of course, teach."


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