About the G.E.M Awards

The NHS Professionals G.E.M awards launched in 2019 to recognise our nursing and midwifery members who had gone above and beyond throughout the year to support patients and our partner Trusts.

Due to the success of the awards, they have continued to grow year on year allowing us to celebrate more members across all our staff groups. We now receive nearly 1000 nominations annually highlighting the work of NHS Professionals and Doctors Direct members.

Nominations are submitted from colleagues at the Trust and even patients who have received outstanding care from one of our members. These nominations are then shortlisted and judged by a panel of experts from within NHS Professionals and Doctors Direct.

This year, for the first time, we will be selecting a winner for each of our Trusts. This winner can be from any of our staff groups allowing the chance for four times the number of winners from previous years.

The G.E.M awards are just one example of how we reward, recognise, and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our members who we are so proud of.



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