For the Hiring Managers

All you need to know about working in partnership with NHSP

We have put together some key advice and documentation you require as a Hiring Manager, to help you in your role. With these tools, you will be able to simply request bank members for placement opportunities at your Trust, in a quick and easy way!


A little about us…

NHS Professionals (NHSP) is a limited company wholly owned by the Department of Health and Social Care; and is the leading provider of managed flexible worker services to the NHS.

What does this mean?


We work with Trusts to reduce their reliance on expensive agencies by developing a ‘staff bank’ of highly skilled flexible workers, who want to work for the NHS.


Staff banks are key in supporting the NHS to maintain high standards of patient safety and care across various areas within the Trust. If a hospital does not have enough staff on a ward or departmental area, due to increased demand, sickness or staff shortages, they need the support of temporary staff.


This is where you can help!


By requesting a bank member for a placement through NHSP, can help reduce unfilled placement pressures at your Trust. Read on to see how to request a bank member for a placement.  


Did you know…

Every 48 hours we update you about the progress of your placement request!



Our placement request process


When you require a bank member to fill a placement at the Trust, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Complete a Placement Request Form and send the completed form to a& – This is uploaded to our system within 24 hours!
    Just note: Within 24 hours you will receive a call from your Recruitment & Placement Officer confirming we received your placement request.

  2. Please provide as much detail on the call with your Recruitment & Placement Officer about the placement requirements i.e. skills, experience and qualifications you need for the role. The detail provided will help us better match your criteria.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our dedicated Placement Team on 03330 144354.



Your placement journey


After completing the above steps, our dedicated Placement Services Team will be there to support and guide you through the next steps of the placement request process.


Please click here for our Placement Process document.


Need more advice, please contact a member of our team:

Craig Prince

Senior Trust Services Partner 

07468 742 432


Trust Recruitment Coordinator 

Alice Smith

Trust Recruitment Coordinator

07900 167 136

Jessica Coy

Trust Account Manager


Carole Cowdell

Trust Services Partner 


Georgia Neely

Flexible Worker Advisor 



Key documents for you!

Check out all the useful documents you will need as a Hiring Manager: