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We are all NHS Professionals

Our members are at the heart of everything we do and here you’ll find stories about why your colleagues continue to support their local Trust, why every shift counts and the additional benefits of being part of the NHSP family.


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Behind the scenes some familiar names and faces from our NHSP offices have been telling us what makes their roles so special and why they love supporting you in your NHS career.

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Every shift counts

The commitment and dedication you continue to demonstrate does not go unnoticed. As patient demand continues to increase along with your colleagues and our partner Trusts’ we really appreciate every shift you work.

Every shift you work really makes a difference to the lives of patients. You our Bank Members have already worked almost 20 million hours in 2022, delivering outstanding patient care across England.

Because of you, we are all NHS Professionals.

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What our members say

Toyah Murray

Toyah Murray

Administrator, Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I really enjoy the NHSP roles I do, from ward clerking to assistant work, I love it all the same. I like the interaction with people I get when ward clerking - as in my full time employed post, I sit alone in an office so it’s nice to 'mingle' as they say! In my current NHSP role, I am really enjoying how much I am learning week by week! It's nice to see the Trust in different areas and be able to complete different tasks that I don't usually get to do.

I also love that all the extra work I am committing to via NHSP is work that is helping me train for my future career goals and enabling me to gain knowledge on different services, teams, interactive work etc. I enjoy the flexibility and being free to choose when I can and want to work extra. I also enjoy being able to branch out and meet new people and discover new ways to work".


Solomon Adade

Solomon Adade

Therapy Assistant, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

"I love the fact that I can put a smile on my patients faces. By being able to see them transfer into a chair or take their first steps post-surgery is a very rewarding process in which I am grateful for. I am able to make a tangible difference in a patient’s recovery consistently.

Working through NHS Professionals provides me with the opportunity to work in a variety of settings/wards within a hospital. This is important in allowing me to develop my clinical reasoning and experience on wards that I may not always be on during the week. As part of my continuing professional development, I believe this is something which would also challenge me when I am in unfamiliar environments to take a clinically reasoned problem-solving approach to each patient".


Archana Kumari

Archana Kumari

Nurse, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

"I work in as an intensive care Nurse. I love give care to my patients in those challenging environments.

I choose to work through NHS Professionals because it helps up with providing more coverage when we are short of staff and NSHP also appreciate the work that we do. Plus, it provides us the opportunity to get the best salary for all the hard work that we healthcare professionals do".


Nazirah Sheik Pentoo

Nazirah Sheik Pentoo

Ward Hostess, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

"I feel very proud of my job role. Patients have trust and confidence in me to take care of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, taking into consideration their diet and health safety. I love to bring a smile to my patients faces. I’m so connected to my patients as some of them spends weeks on the ward, so I love seeing them get better with the good care and nutrition.

NHS professionals enables us to get an extra income and I’m very thankful to them".


Alina Roman

Alina Roman

Mental Health Nurse, Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

"I choose to work through NHS Professionals because of the flexibility, the ability to work a variety of shifts and opportunities to work with different teams. I can try different areas of work before applying for a substantive post. I also get good work life balance and can build up annual leave".




Dede Thorpe

Dede Thorpe

Specialist Pre-term Birth Midwife, East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

"I love being able to support women and their families in the birth of their baby and ensuring they feel heard and listened to during their pregnancy. A memorable moment for me so far in my career has been getting my report published in the British Journal of Midwifery.

NHS Professionals allows me to pick up extra shifts at my Trust when I want to".



Sophie Gilmour

Sophie Gilmour

Therapy Support Worker, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

"I love my role because I get to work with patients face-to-face on both the wards and in the community. Working with stroke survivors is a privilege. I enjoy working through NHS Professionals because it’s great to pick up extra shifts when you have the availability and you get paid that week or the following week, depending on when your shift is."



Almudena Gomez Plaza

Almudena Gomez Plaza

Registered Nurse, Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I love working with different patients because each of their medical problems are different. I feel grateful for the job I do, and helping people feel better. I have helped with a lot with emergencies across different wards. I have also managed to study and travel to visit my family when I need to.

Flexibility is the reason that I work through NHS Professionals – I can choose to work days and work when it feels right for me".


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