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We are all NHS Professionals

Our members are at the heart of everything we do and here you’ll find stories about why our Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists and Social Workers continue to support their local Trust, why every shift counts and the additional benefits of being part of the NHSP family

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Frankie Gething, Mental Health Practitioner, loves being able to help young people as a social worker. You can read more about Frankie’s career in the NHS so far by clicking below.

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Honor is an Assistant Genetics Technologist at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and has been working with NHS Professionals since December.

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“I love working for the NHS because I get to develop my professional and personal skills and also because I get a heart-warming feeling that I might have made someone’s day a little bit better after every shift.”

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Rose works with the elderly, after discovering a passion for care from a young age when she looked after elderly relatives. She has an amazing outlook on life, on the contributions that the older generation have made to the younger, and strives to do all she can to look after them in their more vulnerable years.

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Student nurse, Hannah works flexibily in mental health and admin to allow her the time she needs to study for her adult nursing degree. Welcome to NHSP Hannah, we look forward to seeing you progress your career within the NHS. ​

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Kamila is working for NHS Professionals as well as studying to become a nurse, she has previously overcome lifesaving surgery and was inspired by the passion and dedication of staff across the NHS.

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Khadija Bakali

Khadija is a brilliant asset to the NHS and to the NHSP family, her kind and selfless attitude is having a fantastic, positive outcome on the patients she sees. We are so happy that the flexibility we offer allows you the time you need to visit your family and volunteer, and thank you for sharing your story with us and your NHSP colleagues

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Lisma is a hard-working and dedicated nurse who goes above and beyond in her duties to serve her trust and the patients it cares for. She says that her inspiration to begin her career in nursing stemmed for her admiration of Mother Teresa, but it is now seeing, and being part of a team of hardworking NHS employees that inspires her every day. Flexible working has meant that Lisma can work her family life around a career that she has a passion for.

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Osagie’s field of study was environmental studies, but because of his passion for caring for those less fortunate than himself he decided to change his path and pursue a career within the NHS. Osagie’s favourite part of work is working with patients with disabilities and the elderly, which he says spurs him on to work harder to put a smile on their faces. His dedication to his role within the NHS is truly inspiring. Thank you Osagie.

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When Rhianna was younger, she never dreamed that a career in healthcare is where she would end up, but after being inspired by her mum’s 45 year career in the NHS and a passion for a job that was only ever meant to be a stop gap, that’s exactly what happened.

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Beverly is a passionate HCA that really loves her job and the NHS to the full. Working night shifts can be difficult, but Beverley see’s the positives such as getting to know her patients and having a sing song!

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Chris, originally from the Philippines, is an outdoorsy family man that works tirelessly to ensure that our fantastic NHS continues to provide high-quality patient care for generations to come.

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We are very proud to call Coumba one of our inspirational staff, someone that puts patient care at the forefront of everything they do and is motivated to learn, improve and adapt.

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Erna is one of NHSP’s longest serving members, after deciding just 4 weeks after retiring at the age of 60 to become a bank member, and continue her career within the NHS. 17 years later and she is still going above and beyond in her role to deliver the highest possible patient care.

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