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About NHSP

NHS Professionals are the leading provider of flexible workforce services to the NHS with more than 130,000 healthcare professionals registered with our bank, across more than 50 NHS Trusts. We are the NHS’ managed bank provider and locum doctor service provider through Doctors Direct, we work in partnership with a quarter of Acute and Mental Health Trusts across the UK.

Working in partnership with Trusts, our aim is to deliver ever more challenging service improvement plans by deploying a cost-effective, reliable and safe flexible workforce that saves money for clients while improving their bank productivity.   

Rapid Response Service

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NHSP created the Rapid Response service to quickly and safely deploy healthcare professionals where they are needed most; giving you access to a talent pool of registered healthcare workers, including Registered Nurses. We hope you find this service of great benefit to your Trust.


Our:Bank is NHSP’s online portal, giving you access to effectively manage your temporary workforce requirements.


Our Bank

Once logged in you will be able to book shifts and authorise timesheets.