Welcome to Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh Bank

A high quality and flexible workforce is the key to being able to provide high quality patient care. This is why we need more flexible workers to return or join our bank, in order to keep up the NHS standards:

  • Become part of the team
  • Deliver the best care possible
  • Build great relationships
  • Develop your skills

Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh Bank works in partnership with NHS Professionals (NHSP) to recruit bank staff. When you join the NHSP bank you are subject to its terms and conditions but you’ll enjoy the following perks.

The bank offers lots of perks such as:

  • Weekly pay
  • First choice of available shifts
  • Flexible working hours
  • Paid holidays
  • Having a better work – life balance
  • Stakeholder Pension Scheme available

Whatever your availability we value your skills and experience and can provide you with a fantastic opportunity to work with us in a way that suits your lifestyle.

We are also looking for A&E Nurses looking for Late/Twilight shifts and General Nurses that are looking for Night Shifts so if you are interested or have friends or family that are, please apply!

Joining NHSP

• Please visit our website and go to the login section where you will find a join the bank option.

• If you click sign up now it will take you through to an application form to join the bank.

• You will be asked the question do you currently work for WWL please select yes/no depending on which is relevant and on the application, it will ask you to put in a line manager/trust authoriser who will be able to approve your application.

• Once they have approved your application you will receive a notification asking you to book your face-to-face appointment via the link below to verify your documents: Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (office365.com)

• If you are an agency worker looking to move over to the bank you can also follow this link, you will be given 1st choice of shifts, and holiday pay and will also be entitled to the seasonal incentives that we offer. Please note you will need to give your agency four weeks’ notice.

• For details of any long-term placements we currently have available please refer to our jobs page.


Please note we are seeing a lot of applicants not turn up for their appointment. Please email us at WWL@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk in advance if you are no longer able to attend.

NHSP important Notifications

  • Please note all flexible workers must be Mask Fit Tested before working at WWL – sessions change every week and take place at the Bellingham Tennis Club opposite the hospital - for further information please contact WWL@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk
  • Please be aware that you may be asked to move wards as and when required – this is due to the needs of the trust.
  • HIS logins – please be aware that you will need a HIS login in order to use the systems at WWL, if you do not have a HIS login please contact the WWL NHSP team ASAP and we can arrange this for you.
  • Please be aware if you are working in the transfer team jackets must be removed whilst in clinical areas.
  • Please ensure you are changing in and out of uniform when coming to and from work as per the trusts infection prevention and control policy.

Induction Skills Passport

WWL have shared with us their induction skills passport for all workers working at the trust to access. Please note this is a 'tool to enhance' not mandatory and would almost provide more equity between substantive and non-substantive staff. We recognise that just because people choose to work flexibly, they should still be privy to training of valuable skills to ensure the patient receives the best quality care.

View the skills passport


Meet the Team

  • Steph Smith
  • Trust Operations Manager

  • Hayley Benson
  • Trust Service Partner
  • Joanne Taylor
  • Flexible Worker Advisor



  • Sandy Jones
  • Flexible Worker Advisor

  • Adam Richardson
  • Trust Service Partner

NHS Professionals Office

WWL NHSP Office Number – 03330 144290

WWL NHSP Email Address – wwl@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk

Document Validation Appointments

Book an appointment with your local, onsite NHSP team for you to bring in original copies of documents that you submitted for approval to complete your application.

Book an appointment

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