Our commitment to you

Protecting your personal data is our priority and when we contact you, we are always happy to verify our identity with you.

As part of protecting personal information in today’s world, we all need to remain alert and avoid sharing personal information unless there is a valid and genuine reason to do so.

  • Be Aware
    • Remain vigilant and alert of any suspicious requests you receive asking for personal information about you or your colleagues
    • Take as much information from the call and the caller as possible without giving too much away, i.e.  log the time of day, accent, gender of caller, etc
  • Don’t share
    • Don’t share personal or identifiable information on a call with anyone unless you know the caller and there is a valid reason to do so.

For more information about how we use your data view our privacy notice here.

If you feel the security of your personal data has been compromised, then contact your local NHSP team for advice.