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NHS Nightingale Hospital North West FAQ's

Joining Nightingale FAQs

We are currently recruiting for the following Nightingale Hospital roles.

If your role is not listed here, then you can join the NHS Professionals through one of our other bank membership routes. To view and apply click here.


Given national guidelines of isolation related to COVID-19, we will not be accepting applications from anyone who falls into the ‘At Risk’ group as we do not want to put you or anyone else at any increased risk.

Please follow the Government guidelines in keeping yourself safe and well at this time.

If you are pregnant, we suggest you read the latest published guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

No. These roles are temporary, and you will be working through NHS Professionals on an ‘Interim Assignment’ to support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Interim Assignment will finish when NHS Nightingale no longer requires support, or you choose to stop working.

Yes, you can still apply, however, please ensure you are following the Government guidelines on self-isolation and infection control.

If you have completed an application through us, then you will be employed by NHS Professionals.

The Application Process FAQs

The evidence we request will vary depending on whether you have worked in the last 12 months or not in the NHS or an appropriate healthcare setting. Please reply to the email with the requested documents. Photos of the documents will be accepted.

Here are some examples of some of the documentation we will accept:

Right to Work e.g. UK/EEA Passport or Valid Passport and Valid Visa

Employment / Care Experience e.g. Payslip / P45 / P60 showing your job healthcare job role or if you do not have a payslip then a copy of you Employment Contract or Care Certificate

If you are self-employed than a copy of your Tax Return

For students in their Proof of University Course Enrolment Letter

Proof of Address e.g. Bank / Mortgage statement (dated last 3 months), UK Full Driving Licence, P45/P60 or any document issued by a Government body (dated last 3 months.


If a DBS is necessary for your application, this will be flagged during the process and you will be notified by email.

Induction FAQs

Any NCP car parks which are open, are free for workers at the NHS Nightingale NW site.

The closet NCP (National Car Park) is directly below Manchester Central, off Lower Mosley Street. There is direct access to Manchester Central by lift, stairs and escalators from the car park. The height restriction for this Car Park is 1.98m

To gain access to different areas of the site you will need an NHS Nightingale ID badge.  

NHS Nightingale ID badges can be collected from the Accreditation Centre at Windmill Green, Mount Street, Manchester, M2 3NN. This is opposite NHS Nightingale NW and staff will be on hand to direct you.

Working shifts FAQs

Uniforms will be provided to RNs and HCSWs who do not have a Trust uniform / NHSP uniform / care home uniform.

You can collect uniforms from the NHS Professionals (NHSP) Office at MFT between 7am – 3pm Monday to Friday.

NHSP Office Address: Old School of Physio, Nelson Street, Manchester, M13 9WL (office phone number is 0333 0144288.  Located opposite this Grafton Street carpark, a single storey red bricked building. You can park for free at this carpark.


If you have been asked to care for a patient with or suspected of COVID19 then the level of care you have been asked to give will require a level of PPE – each patient will have been assessed for the risk of transmission.

Giving care for aerosol generating procedures (ASG) will require full coveralls such as acute and high dependency settings. You must be trained to Donn and Doff this safely. See video for more information.

Single use masks aprons and gloves should be available for all other care. If you do not have adequate supply of these then first report this to the nurse in charge. The hospital has a procedure for recording this directly to central government.

NHS professionals takes the care of their staff very seriously so if your concerns are not addressed please fill in a feedback form and a Dr or Nurse will call you to discuss.

To cancel or change a shift please email: roster.nwnightingale@nhs.net

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend your shift please call the Absence Manager on 0330 808 0260.

You should report your absence as soon as you realise you will not be able to attend work. When you ring the phone line you will be asked to provide your assignment number. For NHSP staff this will be their mobile number.

If you are feeling unwell, remember to follow the Government guidelines on self-isolation and infection control.

If you are feeling unwell or showing COVID-19 symptoms, please call the Absence Manager on 0330 808 0260 who will be able to further advise you.

When you ring the phone line you will be asked to provide your assignment number. For NHSP staff this will be their mobile number.

Remember to follow the Government guidelines on self-isolation and infection control.

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