Shift Bookings and Cancellations

We are currently experiencing a high volume of cancellations at the trust and seek your support to reduce.

A reminder of your commitment as part of your flexible worker registrationif you book a shift there is an expectation that you will commit to that shift and only not attend due to exceptional circumstances.

Managing your reliability is essential to ensure that the service is run effectively and to provide wards and departments reassurance that they can depend on bank workers booked to support them.

Together we need to reduce the number of unnecessary cancellations and the corresponding detrimental affect on patient care.

We do understand that there are times where you need to cancel however the volume experienced does not fall within the exceptional circumstance category and a small volume of staff are taking advantage of the system.

Prior notice of cancellation is important as enables us to:

  • Refill the vacant shift with anther bank member where possible
  • Maintain the delivery of quality care to our patients
  • Ensure that the wards are appropriately staffed

It is essential we provide continuity of care therefore please:

STOP THINK are you committing to work that shift? If not don’t book and WAIT for an appropriate shift to become available or contact for support.