Bank Members

If you are already a bank member, start booking your shifts today using My:Bank.

Watch the second video titled MyBank - Booking into shifts - Mobile in the playlist below. The playlist contains more videos explaining other features and functions of My:Bank.

My:Bank is our online booking platform for bank workers. It boasts a fresh design with a modern user-friendly interface and a whole range of powerful features and functions. 


  • Is Accessible: Book shifts anywhere, any time and on any device
  • Is Efficient: Simple, easy-to-use dashboard with a built-in holiday booking system and
  • Puts you in Control:  View and download your payslips online, release timesheets and book your desired shifts on an interactive calendar.

Login to My:Bank to start booking shifts today! If you have not yet received your username and password, please contact your Trust Services Team. 

Useful forms:

NHS Professionals is committed to supporting a culture of high attendance amongst our bank members to ensure continuity of patient care is guaranteed. This is only possible if all our members help us to ensure that assignments into which they have been booked are filled.  

We understand there may be situations where you are unable to attend a booked shift and therefore, request that you provide adequate notice to allow sufficient time to fill the cancelled shift. This helps to ensure your colleagues do not have to cover the additional workload and ensures patient safety.