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  1. Who is included?

    All registered nurses including bank staff who are fully qualified and have been entered onto the NMC Nursing Register irrespective of grade and who are also registered with NHSP.

    Care Support Workers including bank staff irrespective of grades that are also registered with NHSP. This also includes Trainee Nursing Associates and Student Nurses.


  2. Do workers have to opt in or apply for any incentive?

    No, inclusion is automatic as long as the shifts are worked via NHSP. All you need to do is work the specified number of hours, you do not need to inform the team at WWL you will be automatically enrolled.


  3. Are Midwives included?

    Yes, Band 5s are included in the bonus payment of £500.  Band 6/7 are also included.


  4. Are ODPs included?

    Yes, Bands 5/6/7 are included in the bonus payment.


  5. Is this for ALL Bank staff?

    Yes, substantive staff, Bank Only, Bank Exclusive & Rapid Response staff.


  6. Do all shift type and days count to the 56.5 hours or 113 hours?

          Yes, all shift types/days will count but the total hours must reach these as a minimum by 30th November to qualify.  Sub staff to work 56.5 hours & Bank Only staff to work 113 hours


  7. Why is the target for non-substantive Bank staff different?

    Because many of the substantive staff already work 37.5 hrs per week on their WHH Trust contract.


  8. When will the bonus be paid?

    Staff qualifying for the scheme will receive payment for hours worked as per the current NHSP hourly rates. The release date for the shifts will be by the 6th December for the incentive to be paid on Friday 18th December.


  9. What if I am not registered on the Bank?

    You are able to join by completing the online application, but you MUST ensure that your Manager approves this ASAP and that you provide the correct Right to Work documents at the local office by booking an appointment. Once these actions are complete it will take 24 hours to be registered.


  10. What if there are not enough shifts/hours available to qualify for the minimum hours?

    Additional shifts cannot be added but you can opt to work on alternative wards, including Allocate on arrival.  Alternatively, Agency shifts/staff can be cancelled and replaced by Bank staff as long as this occurs at least 4 hours before the shift start time.  Under no circumstances MUST Bank only staff be cancelled and replaced for a Substantive worker.



  11. What if an Agency worker wants to join the Bank?

    Agency staff can migrate to the Bank to take advantage of the rates/incentive, they would be able to join via the Bank Exclusive process. However they MUST give 4 weeks notice to their Agency in writing copying in  wwl@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk they CANNOT work bank shifts in this time. Once they have worked on the bank they cannot work at WHH via the agency in the future.


  12. What will happen if a worker will not move ward?

There will be a requirement for all staff members who take up the offer to e prepared to work trust wide in all wards and departments and also be prepared to move areas at short notice if necessary. This is to maintain the safety of our patients and to provide flexibility to ensure the best possible patient care is being maintained. This will be managed in a safe way, so that staff are not working in areas that are outside their scope of competence.

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