Autumn Incentive

Who does the Incentive apply to? 

All Nursing, Midwifery, Theatre & AHP Therapy Staff.

From 11th September - 23rd October work 57.5 hours via NHSP to receive a bonus payment:

  • £250 - Nursing/Therapy Band 2-3 
  • £350 - Nursing/Therapy Band 4 
  • £500 - Nursing/Midwifery/Therapy Band 5+ 


Do workers have to opt in or apply for an incentive?

No, shifts can be actively booked online.


Is this for ALL bank staff?

Yes, substantive staff, bank only, bank exclusive & rapid response staff.


Do all shift type and days count to the incentive/when will I be paid?

Yes, all shift types/days will count but the total worked hours must reach 57.5 as a minimum (Excluding Holiday hours and breaks) between:

Friday 11th September - Saturday 23rd October 
Shifts to be released by Sunday 31st 
Pay day Friday 12th November 


What if I am not registered on the Bank?

You are able to join by completing the online application, but you MUST ensure that your manager approves this ASAP and that you provide the correct Right to Work documents online or to the local office. Once these actions are complete it will take 24 hours to be registered.


What if there are not enough shifts/hours available to qualify for the minimum hours? 

Additional shifts can be worked on alternative wards, including Ward 1 or escalation areas. Under no circumstances MUST bank only staff be cancelled and replaced for a substantive worker.


Shift cancellations are not eligible for a bonus

Will be reviewed at the end of the 6 week incentive period, those cancelling shifts (not due to Covid reasons) at short notice via NHSP (within 8 hours) will not be eligible for the bonus Friday 11th September- Friday 23rd October.

We will be monitoring the health and wellbeing of S&O staff that participate to ensure the incentive does not impact on their overall attendance at work. Attendance of participants will be reviewed at the end of this incentive. This may impact the ability for staff to be part of future incentives in order to support the health and wellbeing of our staff.


What if I cancel a shift as alternative employment and re-book in another ward area.

This will still be classed as a cancellation and something we strongly advise against. Please only book shifts you can commit to working to support reducing cancellations at the trust.  


Are self isolation shifts included in the incentive?

No, self isolation shifts are not included.


What if an agency worker wants to join the bank?

Agency staff can migrate to the bank to take advantage of the incentive, they would be able to join via the Bank Exclusive process. However they/we MUST give 4 weeks notice to their agency in writing. Once they have worked on the bank they cannot work at SO via the agency in the future.


Will I be taxed? 

Yes, all shifts worked including the bonus payment will be subject to tax. Payment will be received alongside any other shifts released for the same pay date.

Payslips may not show if you are expecting to receive the bonus payment only on 12th November.


What if I don’t receive a bonus on 12th November?

You can contact the team on to raise a query. If there has been an error or a review is undertaken, any payments will be rectified for a later pay date.

*We have found over the past 4 incentives staff missing out due to timesheet errors or non standard shifts not amounting to the required amount, please double check your own hours and ensure before the date you have achieved the requirement.*


Which areas are included within the Incentive?

All areas requiring Nursing, Midwifery, Theatre & AHP Therapy Staff.

Only bank members working in the above role capacity will have access to this incentive and all staff could be asked to be moved to support safe staffing during the incentive periods.

*Please be advised health care assistants/registered nurses being booked to work administrative or training shifts the incentive will not apply.*