Out of Hours Packs for Nurses

As of Monday 21st  October 2019the Out of Hours Packs for Nurses will no longer be held in switchboard.

For Bank staff that already have an EPR account the process will remain the same and staff will still need to inform the EPR Team during working hours( Mon-Fri 08.00-16.00)on epr.operational@srft.nhs.uk or call 0161-206-1504 of the shifts that they are working to ensure that their  account is activated ready for your shift.

For Registered Nurses who do not have an EPR/SCM account and need to use an Out of Hours (16.00-07.30 Mon-Fri, all day Sat & Sun & Bank holidays) locum pack please be aware that the process is changing and the ward/area you are working on/in will now complete the online access form with you.


Switchboard will no longer hold Temporary account access forms for EPR/SCM for Nurses working out of hours.


When you arrive for your shift you must have your photo ID Badge ready for inspection and you will need to know your Nursing Pin(NMC) which must be added to the access form. On the completion of an Access form a temporary Username and password will be issued to you.


Important Note: between the hours: 07.30-16.00 you will need EPR/SCM Training before a password will be issued, in which case you can contact the IT Training team on 206-8175


Note: Out of hours/Locum Access forms for Doctors will continue to be held by Switchboard

For further Information on this new process please contact the Training Team on 0161-206-8175

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