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Here you can find out all you need to know about working in partnership with NHS Professionals (NHSP).

We have put together some key advice and documentation you require as a Shift Requester, to help you in your role. With these tools, you will be able to simply request and book bank members for shifts or placement opportunities at your Trust, in a quick and easy way!

Useful tip… Request bank shifts early helps avoid high agency costs and saves your Trust money!

So how can we help?... Our Trust Services teams support the partnership and collaborative working between your Trust and NHSP to help deliver a quality service. They are available daily (Monday to Friday) to support with the following:

  • Help solve service issues (i.e. Our:Bank) and support the recruitment process of temporary staff
  • Identify bank productivity, recruitment, or retention requirements
  • Analysis of the trust’s demand and fill patterns
  • Supporting the integration of the Care Support Worker Development Programme at your trust where applicable
  • Work with teams at head office to implement tactical initiatives to influence flexible worker behaviour to increase shift fill.

Helpful tip… If you no longer need a bank member to work a shift, another area might… reallocate instead!

Check out these great resources on the right-hand side of the page, for further support.

We’d love to hear from you!

At NHSP we value hearing feedback from our client Trust staff members, so that we can continue to improve our service. More information about providing feedback to NHSP can be found on our corporate website. All forms received will be acknowledged electronically or in writing within two days of receipt and should be responded to by the appropriate NHS Professionals department within 25 working days.


Did you know… You can see any changes or information on your requested shifts by selecting the ‘notifications’ menu on Our:Bank. So, your always up to date!



Supporting our doctors and Trusts through the pandemic

Not surprisingly, and like most of my colleagues in the NHS, COVID-19 has dominated my year. In March, we asked healthcare professionals to Stand Up, Step Forward and Save Lives and the response we received was beyond all expectations. The volume of people that answered our call was incredible. For Doctors Direct it came with its own complexities.

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The importance of support

After nearly a decade in healthcare recruitment, I thought I was prepared for pretty much anything. Then I joined NHS Professionals in May 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic. Since that point, it has been a rollercoaster of a year, with demand for non-clinical flexible workers fluctuating enormously. I am incredibly proud of how my team has responded to this uncertainty and change, and how we have maintained quality through periods of high demand, working hard to consistently support our partner NHS Trusts and Bank members.

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Maintaining resilience during a pandemic

In early 2020, the pandemic was expected to be a sprint for the NHS.

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The importance of resilience in the NHS right now

Resilience is needed in the NHS now more than ever – at an individual, organisational and systemic level. We all need to work together to prepare for, respond to and adapt to both ongoing change and major unexpected disruptions. This is not just about surviving, it’s about minimising crises and identifying improvements, both personally and professionally.

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Key documents for you


(Please note not all the below documents will be applicable to all staff groups)


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