Nursery Nurse





Job Title: Nursery Nurse


Base: Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust


Agenda for Change banding: 4


Hours of Work: Full time / Part time (37.5 hours per week)


Details of Special Conditions:


Managerial Accountability: Band 7 Midwife

Professional Accountability: Divisional Chief Nurse / Head of Midwifery through

Postnatal Matron



To work as a member of the Midwifery team in providing a high standard of holistic care to mothers and babies. The responsibility to participate in the assessment of care needs and the implementation of programmed care of the neonate. This is a rotational role, and will be expected to work within the infant feeding team and within the inpatient environment.


CRIMINAL RECORDS BUREAU – Level of disclosure - Enhanced




  1. Welcome and provide support to babies, their parents and families.
  2. Provide a suitable environment for the welfare of the baby and family, taking into consideration cultural and religious needs.
  3. Participate in the organisation and delivery of patient care services in such a manner as to contribute to maintain the highest standards of care.
  4. Assist the midwifery staff to manage the nursing care of mother and babies through the sequential process of:
    1. Satisfies the needs for nursing care of individual baby in the context of prescribed medical care
    2. Plan an individual care plan for the nursing care of each baby, in line with current guidelines and policies
    3. Records nursing care provided, and its outcome in relation to achievement of objectives eg initiating change to feeding regimes in accordance with babies’ individual needs through liaising with midwifery and paediatric staff
    4. Carrying out blood tests eg blood glucose and serum bilirubin and responding appropriately, following successful completion of programme of training
  5. Care of newly delivered mothers and babies to provide a holistic family care package.
  6. Discuss with and inform senior staff member of patient progress in relation to care given for the purpose of hand over and continuity of care.
  7. Respond in a caring and tactful manner to the needs of patients, families and other visitors including ethical and sensitive situations.
  8. Ensure a positive environment which promotes family centred care and maintains confidentiality at all times.
  9. To be alert to issues of safeguarding and child protection, ensuring that the welfare and safety of babies is promoted and safeguarded and to report any child safety/protection concerns to the midwife or band 7 immediately.
  10. Apply the approved policies relating to clinical practice adhering to unit guidelines and Trust policy.
  11. Assist in the educational teaching programme for new members of staff or students by demonstrating skills and understanding within their own area of competence.
  12. Assist Ward Clerk, Housekeeper and Maternity Care Assistants with their roles and duties, as appropriate.
  13. Assist medical and nursing staff as required with IV cannulation / blood letting and X rays.
  14. After instruction and assessment, carry out extended skills, such as discharge education for new parents.
  15. Promote breast feeding – supporting and encouraging breast feeding as appropriate, within both the inpatient and outpatient settings.
  16. Advise parents on the physical, emotional and developmental needs of the baby during their stay on the unit and promote the relationship of the baby within the family.
  17. Act as a health educator to teach and supervise parents and help them to gain skill and confidence in caring for their baby:-
  18. Guidance on encouraging relationship building between parents and baby:
    1. Instruction in maintaining a safe environment for baby
    2. Instruction in the hygiene needs of the baby
    3. Information giving in relation to breast feeding benefits, techniques and responsive breast feeding
    4. Instruction in safe and responsive bottle feeding where appropriate
    5. Instruction and support in feeding methods for babies with feeding problems
  19. Maintain and extend professional knowledge to keep updated with current best practice and comply with on-line training.
  20. Accept the responsibility not to undertake any task that has not been explained or ultimately thoroughly understood, or does not feel competent to carry out.
  21. Promote good effective working relationships.
  22. Be aware of cross infection and the need for prevention. Help to maintain a clean, safe, pleasant and therapeutic environment for patients and staff, taking remedial action when necessary.
  23. Report any change or deviation from normal to the Midwife in Charge and assist in the following:
    1. Undertake observation of temperature, respirations, heart rate, colour and tone and record results accurately
    2. Obtain heel prick blood samples for blood glucose measurements and Serum Bilirubin, record or plot results accordingly
    3. Collect samples for Neonatal Blood Spot Screening Test
    4. Care for babies including those who are born to diabetic mothers, have low birth weight or growth restricted, require phototherapy, or have other specific care needs including setting up and maintaining relevant equipment
    5. Removal of intravenous, subcutaneous cannulae under supervision from the midwife
  24. Be responsible for educating newly appointed Nursery Nurses and Midwives in collecting blood samples and use and storage of equipment.
  25. Be responsible for teaching and supervising Maternity Care Assistants (MCA) in the daily care of babies and use/maintenance of non-medical equipment as part of the MCA Training Programme.
  26. Be prepared to care for newborn babies on Labour Ward if needed.




  1. Maintain legible, accurate and timely records of observations, events and care delivered in accordance with Trust guidelines and policies.
  2. Be responsible for ordering, maintaining and safe storage of non-medical equipment and nursery stocks.
  3. Provide a comprehensive off-duty for the band 7 midwife and Matron on Postnatal Ward.
  4. Inform the midwife in charge of personnel problems where appropriate.
  5. Assist with efficient use and control of supplies and equipment.
  6. Ensure that Health and Safety policies are observed, with particular reference to Fire precautions and be familiar with action to be taken in an emergency.
  7. Maintain knowledge of HR policies and advisory arrangements within the Trust.
  8. Participate in the exchange of information and views within the unit and community setting.
  9. Assist with the coordination of activities with other departments eg domestic services, medical records in relation to the needs of the services.



Additional future task

Transitional care






Trust Values





Health and Safety at Work Act

The post holder is required to take responsible care for the health and safety of him/herself and other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work. The post holder is also required to co-operate with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to ensure that statutory and departmental safety regulations are adhered to.



The post holder has a responsibility to maintain confidentiality and ensure the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice and Trust policy on confidentiality and Data Protection are applied to patient, staff and Trust business/information.


Equal Opportunities

The Trust welcomes all persons without regard to age, ethnic, or national origin, gender or sexual orientation, religion, lifestyle, presenting illness, marital or parental status or disability. We aim to provide a non-judgemental service at all times.


Managing Risk: Maintaining skills and learning from problems

Reducing risk is everyone's responsibility. All staff in the Trust must attend training identified by their manager, or stated by the Trust to be mandatory. The Trust uses risk assessments to predict and control risk and the incident reporting system to learn from mistakes and near misses and so improve services for patients and staff. All staff are expected to become familiar with these systems and use them The Trust has designated the prevention and control of infection as a core issue in the organisation's clinical governance, managing risk and patient safety programmes. In consequence, all employees are expected to:-


  1. Follow consistently high standards of infection control practice, especially withreference to hand hygiene and aseptic techniques,
  2. Be aware of all Trust infection control guidelines and procedures relevant to their work.



During your employment with the Trust, you have a responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. You are required to complete statutory and mandatory training and take appropriate action as set out in the Trust’s policies and procedures.



Post holders will aim to ensure that areas of the trust under their responsibility comply with “Standards for Better Health” Core and Developmental Standards and bring deficiencies to the attention of their Director”


Information Management/ Data Quality

The post holder must ensure that Trust records are documented, secured, stored and disposed of appropriately and in accordance with the Records Management: NHS Code of Practice and Trust policy. In addition, information recorded must be fit for purpose - accurate, relevant, up to date and complete.


Freedom of Information

The post holder must be aware that any information held by the Trust in theory could be requested by the public, including emails and minutes of meetings. It is therefore essential that records are accurately recorded and maintained in accordance with the Trust's policies.

Travel to other sites

You may be required to travel to other Trust locations. Please complete travel expense using the online system. Details of allowances can be obtained from the Human Resources Department.


Smoking statement

Smoking is not permitted in any premises or grounds managed, leased or owned by the Trust. Smoking is not permitted in Trust vehicles or in any vehicle parked on Trust premises.



The duties outlined above are not intended as a restrictive list and may be extended or altered to include other tasks that are commensurate with the grade. Should you have any queries or concerns relating to the contents of this letter, please contact the Recruitment team, Amersham Hospital, Whielden Street, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0JD.





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