Agenda for Change Pay Update

Following the recent communications to bank members regarding the Agenda for Change (AfC) pay increase, you can now find the new pay rates here.

For holiday pay from 1st April – 31st July 2018, the new holiday pay rate will be paid as a lump sum in September 2018.

With NHSP, you build up annual leave by the number of hours you have worked through the bank, therefore in order to accrue holiday you will need to work for 12 separate calendar weeks. If you have not accrued enough holiday the following message will appear on your screen:

'You cannot submit a holiday request because you don’t have a full holiday calculation reference period'.

As soon as you have worked 12 separate calendar weeks you will be able to book your annual leave. Just remember that these weeks do not have to be worked consecutively and any weeks that you do not work a shift will not count towards the 12 weeks.


Please note:

*These new pay rates are not applicable to Personalised Pay Rates (PPR) or Custom Pay Rates (a rate which would not be listed as "was").

A Personlised Pay Rate (PPR) is a rate that is applicable only to that worker - normally a result of TUPE.
Custom Pay Rates are rates that the trust have set which are not aligned to an AfC band and spine point.

27 Jul 2018