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Recruitment FAQs

NHS Professionals operates an online application process. Please visit the 'Joining NHSP' page on our website, which provides details of the different memberships options and the recruitment process for these.

If you have attended an interview, you can check the status of your application on our recruitment portal. You will need to log in using the same details as when you made your application.

If you are applying to work as a full Bank Member, where you are able to work at any NHS Professionals Client Trust, you will require an interview. If you are applying to work at a Trust who are referring you, then an interview will probably not be required.
Yes, however if you have up-to-date Occupational Health records you may not need further immunisation/vaccinations.
NHS Professionals specialises in providing flexible workers to meet the varying needs of Trusts and therefore does not offer any permanent positions. As part of the flexible worker needs of Trusts, there are opportunities for long-term placements. Many NHS Professionals flexible workers go on to gain substantive employment within Trusts on the basis of the knowledge and experience they have gained through NHS Professionals.

Please contact our Recruitment team on 03332 407 552.

You can download and print the applicant pack from our recruitment portal. Once you have logged in, you can find the pack under 'view documents'.  If you have any problems downloading the pack or have any questions about it please contact us on 03332 407 552.
As an NHS Professionals Bank Member you will be provided with two NHS Professionals uniforms. Section 3 of the applicant pack, which is provided in preparation for your interview, contains a uniform order form which you will be required to complete and bring to your interview.

Towards the end of your pre-employment checks your uniform will be ordered by your dedicated Recruitment Assistant. It will take 7-10 working days for your uniform to be delivered. Please be aware not all bank workers will require a uniform, our Recruitment Team will inform you prior to completing the recruitment process if a uniform is not required.

If you do not receive it within this time frame, please email Purchasing@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk

Once you have submitted your application online, it is subject to screening. If your application is successful you will be invited at attend a knowledge based assessment day consisting of a face to face interview. Following a successful interview NHS Professionals will complete several pre-employment checks including a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), Occupational Health Clearance and professional reference checks. You will be required to attend a one day practical training course before undertaking work opportunities. All staff groups will be required to complete online training modules via Skills for Health.

On most occasions DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks are completed within several weeks of DBS office receiving completed online form. However DBS clearance can take up to 60 days.

To check your DBS status online you will need your DBS form reference number (E) and date of birth. To obtain the reference number you can either call NHS Professionals on your normal contact number or call the Disclosure and Barring Service direct on 03000 200 190, stating the personal details required. To track online visit the Gov.uk website.

If you have signed up to the DBS Update Service and have provided us with a copy of your latest disclosure and completed the consent form, the Update Service check will be completed on the day of your successful interview with no time delay in an update being received.
The day is made up of a document checking; a face-to-face interview; a manual observations demonstration for Care Support Workers only; a 45 minute multiple choice test (most clinical roles require this). Interviews are held in various locations throughout the UK, both onsite at Trust locations and in meeting rooms at appropriate off site locations. Once you have booked your interview slot, you will receive an e-mail confirming the date you have chosen, the venue location and what paperwork you will need to bring with you.
Please allow up to half a day for the process. This will enable us to meet you and to assess your experience and skills. It will also give you the opportunity to find out more about us.

This will depend on obtaining full and correct information from you. We aim to complete applications within 40 working days from the day if your successful interview providing we have full engagement from you during the process. Once you have submitted your application online, it is subject to screening. If your application is successful you will be invited for an interview. Following a successful interview NHS Professionals will complete several pre-employment checks including a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service check), Occupational Health Clearance and professional reference checks. If these checks are satisfactorily completed, you will then attend a training day before undertaking work opportunities.

You can still apply to join NHS Professionals as there are a range of other certificates that we accept which align themselves to the 15 standards of the Care Certificate. If you wish to discuss your qualifications further please contact a member of the recruitment team on 03332 407 552.

NHS Professionals' experience requirements state that newly qualified nurses need to have completed their preceptorship or must be able to demonstrate at least 6 months experience as a nurse in the relevant clinical setting.

Yes, on the basis that your visa is current and valid for work in the UK. For further information please consult the UKBA website.

You should receive your welcome pack within 5 working days of completing the recruitment process. If you have not received your welcome pack within 5 working days of completing the recruitment process please contact the Recruitment team on 03332 407 552.

Various roles require different levels of experience and/or qualifications. For more information regarding your role please call us to discuss your experience with our Recruitment team on 03332 407 552.

NHS Professionals does not cover all NHS Trusts. If your nearest trust is not showing, this simply means we are not in partnership with them as of yet and you can continue with your application selecting an alternative Trust that we are in partnership with.
Your dedicated Recruitment Assistant will inform you what mandatory training is required as it varies depending on the trust and role you have applied for. In most cases, our mandatory training will be delivered over a one day practical training session together with online training via Skills for Health Any non- generic mandatory training will be run by our client NHS Trusts.
We accept written professional references from either line manager or HR department however, if you are/were studying we will accept reference from your tutor or university/college admin department.

We are required to request references to cover last 3 years of employment/education and all employment gaps need to be explained. On some occasions we may request character references from a person of standing to cover gaps in employment.
Due to interview date availability you will only have one opportunity to change the date.

To reschedule your interview please call our recruitment team on 03332 407 552.
Your application could have been rejected for various reasons, including previous experience and skills, lack of relevant experience and qualifications (such as Care Certificate for CSWs) etc. If your application has been unsuccessful you are welcome to re-apply after 3 months.