Rapid Response
NHSP Rapid Response / FAQ's

Joining Rapid Response

We are currently recruiting for the following Rapid Response roles.

If your role is not listed here, then you can join the NHS Professionals through one of our other bank membership routes. To view and apply click here.

Yes. Midwives are invited to apply through our standard process by registering with NHSP via our Join Bank page. Unfortunately, our Rapid Response recruitment route is not open to midwives at this time. However, If you are dual qualified either as an RMN/RN/RNC or on the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing part of the register  and you wish to support the NHS during the pandemic period in wards and units throughout NHS Trusts, you can apply through Rapid Response.

Yes, you can apply to join the Rapid Response Service as a PAYE worker, but you will not be able to work for the service through a Personal Service Company.

To join as a PAYE worker, you will need to provide proof from your Personal Service Company that you have worked in the NHS or an approved Healthcare setting in the last 12 months as part of your application.  As part of the recruitment process you may need to complete DBS and Occupational Health checks and the Statutory and Mandatory training before you can work.

If you can evidence that you have worked as a company that has provided appropriate healthcare services, we should be able to register you to work PAYE via Rapid Response.  As part of the registration process we may need to request for additional documents and checks.

We are accepting applications from anyone with the following Registration codes:

RN1: Adult nurse, level 1
RNA: Adult nurse, level 1
RN3: Mental health nurse, level 1
RNMH: Mental health nurse, level 1

RN8: Children's nurse, level 1
RNC: Children's nurse, level 1

NAR: Nursing Associate

If your particular specialism is not listed, you are still able to apply utilising the general code for your part of the register i.e. RN1 & RNA Adult Nurse Level 1 will be RN00. Please note: If you are listed on the Specialist community public health nursing part of the register, under the below codes, you can also apply to Rapid Response as a General Registered Nurse (RN00):

RSN: School nurse
SN: School nurse
ROH: Occupational health nurse
OH: Occupational health nurse
RFHN: Family health nurse
FHN: Family health nurse
RPHN: Specialist community public health nurse

We are currently not accepting applications from anyone who falls into this group as we do not want to put you or anyone else at any increased risk. Please follow the Government guidelines in keeping yourself safe and well at this time.

You can still apply, however, please ensure you are following the Government guidelines on self-isolation and infection control.

For volunteering opportunities please get in touch with your local Trust or NHS England at: https://www.england.nhs.uk/participation/get-involved/volunteering/

NHS Professionals are owned by the Department of Health and Social Care and part of the NHS family. We work with NHS Trusts across England to reduce their reliance on expensive agencies. Right now, we have over 130,000 members registered on our bank in various roles, grades and specialities. 

National Health Service Business Services Authority has provided the following COVID-19 guidance on support for retired members.

Furlough supports organisations hit by coronavirus by temporarily helping to pay the wages of people who can't do their jobs. This Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme forms part of the Governments national effort to protect people’s jobs.

For more information on furlough pay and the Job Retention Scheme please visit the Government website.

The Application Process

To join the Covid-19 Rapid Response service please register and complete an online application form. Details about our application process and a link to the form can be found here.

We have also created a short tutorial video for those who may need assistance with the online application form.

For the best experience please complete your application on a desktop PC or laptop. The optimal browser is Google Chrome, but Firefox and Internet Explorer are also supported.

The evidence we request will vary depending on whether you have worked in the last 12 months or not in the NHS or an appropriate healthcare setting. Please reply to the email with the requested documents. Photos of the documents will be accepted.

Here are some examples of some of the documentation we will accept:

  • Right to Work e.g. UK/EEA Passport or Valid Passport and Valid Visa
  • Employment / Care Experience e.g. Payslip / P45 / P60 showing your job healthcare job role or if you do not have a payslip then a copy of you Employment Contract or Care Certificate
  • If you are self-employed than a copy of your Tax Return
  • For students in their Proof of University Course Enrolment Letter
  • Proof of Address e.g. Bank / Mortgage statement (dated last 3 months), UK Full Driving Licence, P45/P60 or any document issued by a Government body (dated last 3 months.

If a DBS is necessary for your application, this will be flagged during the process and you will be notified by email.

If additional training is necessary, this will be flagged during the process and you will be notified by email.

NHS Professionals are working hard to process and register as many healthcare workers as possible at this critical time.  We are receiving a very high volume of applications currently so ask that you bear with us.

You may also experience a delay in your application due to not yet being on the register. If you need to get onto the temporary register please contact your professional registration body.

Temporary registrations are part of the response to the Pandemic. We do not know how long the Pandemic will last. 

If you have a temporary registration, please enter the date of 25/12/2020 for the registration expiry date on your application form.  This date will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

These include the following:

NHS Trust – Any NHS Organisation or Body

Other Government Bodies – GP, School Nurses / Local Government, Prison Services and Military, Colleges and Universities.

Private Healthcare Provider – Examples include: BUPA, Vitality Health, Virgin Health, BMI, Cavell Health and Nuffield Health

Nursing Home – Council or privately run Nursing Home registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Agency – Any Agency supplier on a framework that has been approved by NHS Improvement.

Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email asking you to provide evidence of your previous employment, right to work and proof of address to which you will need to reply directly.  Please do not change the subject heading in the email when responding.

Once your application has been approved you will receive an email confirming how to start working and a separate email with login details to our shift booking platform – My:Bank.

At the beginning of your application we will ask you some questions to understand your current situation and role.  Please answer these as accurately as possible as this will help us to clarify how we can get you through the Rapid Response service effectively.

If your role is not part of the Rapid Response service currently, please complete the expression of interest form

Working Shifts

Any pay will be paid directly into your bank account.

NHSP operates a weekly payroll. You will need to complete an online Timesheet for any shifts worked, which will need to be authorised and released by midnight on Sunday in order to be paid that Friday. Payslips will be available on My:Bank.

Your first payment can take up to 3 weeks to process. However, please be assured that your shifts have been processed and you will be paid.

If it has been longer than 3 weeks since your first shift, please contact our National Service Centre on 0333 240 7552.

Pay rates for shifts are set by the Trust. Therefore, your pay will be in line with the agreed pay rates set by the Trust for that role. When you book a shift, you will be able to view the pay rate for that shift.

You will be able to work at any NHS Trust that has requested the service from NHS Professionals. Currently we have agreements in place with over 65 NHS Trusts in England. You can view the Trusts we work with here.

We are currently in discussions with all NHS Trusts across the UK in order to expand our service and allow as many healthcare workers to become bank members to help the NHS at this critical time.

If you have been issued with an ID badge previously, please ensure that you wear this during your shifts. NHSP or the Trust will not be issuing new ID badges.

Please wear any existing clinical uniform where possible; the scale and speed of the pandemic response means that NHSP are not able to provide this automatically. If you do not have a uniform, the Trust may be able to provide you with scrubs or appropriate, alternative clothing. If a Trust needs to request uniform from NHSP directly, these can be provided.

If you have been asked to care for a patient with or suspected of COVID19 then the level of care you have been asked to give will require a level of PPE – each patient will have been assessed for the risk of transmission.

Giving care for aerosol generating procedures (ASG) will require full coveralls such as acute and high dependency settings. You must be trained to Donn and Doff this safely. See video for more information.

Single use masks aprons and gloves should be available for all other care. If you do not have adequate supply of these then first report this to the nurse in charge. The hospital has a procedure for recording this directly to central government.

NHS professionals takes the care of their staff very seriously so if your concerns are not addressed please fill in a feedback form and a Dr or Nurse will call you to discuss.

Yes, you will be on a flexible working arrangement, allowing you to pick and choose suitable shifts to fit around your personal commitments and lifestyle.

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