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Pay and Benefits FAQs

If you have any questions about your pay, please fill out this form.

During the course of some assignments you may be required to travel as part of your duties. Where your line manager has agreed you can claim expenses in line with Agenda for Change, you will need to get your completed expense claim form signed by the appropriate manager in the Trust. Download the Travel Expense Claim Form. Completed, signed forms should be sent to the address on the claim form. Expenses will be paid a fortnight in arrears.

P60's are issued annually, between 6-8 weeks after the end of the financial year (31st March).
You should contact the Scottish Widows member help desk on 0345 755 6557, Weekdays from 8am to 6pm. There is also information on their website http://www.scottishwidows.co.uk/nhsp/ . If you are unable to resolve your query with Scottish Widows you should contact the NHS Professionals Service Centre on 03332 407 552 who can transfer you to the Payroll Department.
NHS Professionals operate a claim-based system which will allow you to book holiday and be paid for it via My:Bank.

You will need to be actively registered with NHS Professionals in order to have an active My:Bank user account. Once logged on to My:Bank, you can use the e-Payslip feature.


To understand your payslip, please take a look at this guide.

Your timesheet will be visible on My:Bank (online booking system) and will show as 'Processed for Payment'. Each Friday, you will also be able to access your payslips via My:Bank.
The use of eTimesheets means that you can view the status of your time sheet online. The status will reflect any stage of the time sheet progress, including when it has been paid (processed for payment). If you have released your time sheet by 23:59 hours on Wednesday then your time sheet will be paid by the following Friday.
Please contact the ward for further assistance. If they are unable to assist you, please contact the National Service Centre on 03332 407 552.
Shifts worked during 'unsocial hours' e.g. nights, weekends, Bank Holidays, are calculated in line with the Agenda for Change (AfC) rules.

Normally deadlines and/or pay days are changed to take account of holidays. Any revised details will be emailed to you at least one week prior to any changes to deadlines and/or pay days. Your NHS Professionals' on site coordinator will also be able to answer queries you have pertaining to any such changes.

If your time sheet is correctly completed and received by midnight/00:00 hours on Wednesday, payment will be credited to your bank account on Friday of the following week.
You will need to notify Flexible Worker Human Resources in writing by emailing them at fwhumanresources@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk in regards to your maternity and maternity entitlements.

No, under the Registration Agreement - your Contract of Engagement, you are only employed for the duration of an assignment or series of assignments offered to you by NHS Professionals and accepted by you.

If you are unable to undertake assignments due to maternity leave, in-line with your Contract of Engagement you may be entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) based on the hours worked and your average earnings according to SMP regulations as amended from time to time.To qualify for SMP you must have worked for NHS Professionals continuously for at least 26 weeks up to the qualifying week (15th week) before the expected week of childbirth. You should meet the average week earnings limit, provide sufficient notice (28 days before you want to start maternity leave) and medical evidence of your pregnancy in the form of your MAT B1. You MAT B1 is issued to you by your Midwife/GP approximately 20 weeks before your baby is due. In addition to this we request you to provide the completed Maternity Notification form.
If you are unable to undertake assignments due to paternity leave, in-line with your Registration Agreement - your Contract of Engagement you may be entitled to
Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) based on the hours worked and your average earnings over the last eight weeks according to SPP regulations as amended from time to time. The Payroll department will need to see a copy of the Form MatB1, which shows the expected date of confinement.
NHS Professionals follows the Agenda for Change pay structures for the assignment undertaken, based on the assignment codes.  There may be certain exceptions where Personalised Pay Rates are paid for specific assignments.