New Year Weekend Incentive

For all Registered Nurses book a shift on the below dates and get paid a £100.00 bonus

Saturday 29th December 2018

Sunday 30th December 2018

Monday 31st December 2018

Tuesday 1st January 2019

This Incentive does not apply to Theatre staff who have a separate arrangement.

  • You must have worked any hours owing to the Trust prior to booking any bank shifts
  • You can only book “1” shift in a 24-hour period and it has to be a long day or night shift
  • Please avoid cancelling shifts – We will monitor cancellations and restrict you from booking if you cancel more than 3 shifts during the period of the incentive.
  • If the Ward cancel you then please ensure that they remove you from the shift so that this does not appear as a cancellation against you.
  • No performance issues recorded
  • No more than 56 hours per week in total can be worked, across combined Trust and bank shifts. The Incentive will be paid Monthly on the below dates, dependent on shifts that meet the criteria being released weekly:

For Payment please release your shifts by the 20th January 19 for payment on the 1st February 19

By means of a gentle reminder, although under the terms of the Incentive scheme, you benefit from an increased hourly pay rate, the scheme does not apply to your other contractual terms (such as payments for annual leave and pension). These remain as previously agreed with you. The incentive is paid before normal deductions (i.e. tax and NI).

You will still qualify for the Winter Incentive – Work 10 shifts earn £200.00.

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