Psychiatric Liaison Nurse





Job Holder:


Job Title: Psychiatric Liaison Nurse, Darent Valley Hospital


Managerially accountable to: Louise Dale


Reporting to: Team Leader – Louise Dale

Grade: 6


Hours: 37.5, predominantly 16:00 – 00:00 including weekends and bank holidays




The post holder will :-


 To work as part of a psychiatric liaison team providing a liaison and assessment service 24/7 , 7 days per week that will involve working nights, weekends, unsocial hours and public holidays.

 Offer an assessment service to patients aged 18+ (with no upper age limit) presenting at the general hospital with a broad range of mental health and psychological problems, and diagnosed psychiatric illnesses.

 Providing a mental health consultation, liaison and advice service throughout the departments.

 Delivering a range of evidence based psychosocial interventions to individual patients as required.

 Assisting and supporting general hospital colleagues in making decisions about treatment and care in complex situations.

 Providing formal and informal education and case consultation to registered and unregistered staff.

 Representing mental health services within the Hospitals.

 Providing a communication structure between secondary mental health services, primary care and non-statutory services, as a means of ensuring the highest possible standards of patient care.





The post holder will work as part of a multi-disciplinary urgent care & Liaison team, with their

line management provided by a dedicated Liaison Psychiatry Team Manager. Senior

medical support will be offered by the associated Consultant Psychiatrist.





Must have previous Liaison Psychiatry experience and access to RiO








Duties / Responsibilities





Daily promotion of a positive, supportive and non-stigmatizing culture in relation to mental ill health and psychiatric illnesses



 To provide psychosocial assessment of patients presenting with a broad range of mental health, psychological problems and psychiatric illnesses encompassing highly developed risk assessment and management skills

 Daily provision of a wide range of clinical skills and psychosocial interventions to patients who present with mental health problems in line with NIMHE, NICE and NHS guidance

 Daily provision of a comprehensive mental health consultation-liaison service to clinical teams providing clear and concise advice regarding the appropriate management of individuals referred

 Provide regular assistance to clinical teams in the formulation of appropriate plans of care or decision making where patients are exhibiting complex needs with a mental health component

 To develop protocols and care pathways for the treatment and referral of people with mental ill health based on national and local guidelines/policy

 To regularly provide prompt referrals to statutory and non-statutory agencies utilising a wide range of follow up options in line with the principles of the ‘recovery’ model and social inclusion




To work in partnership with multi-agency / professional disciplines within the wider health economy, including:

o Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams

o Service users and carers/families

o Multidisciplinary teams and a variety of health and social care professionals

o Other specialist teams and services within secondary care

o Professional Lead

o Primary Mental Health Care Teams and GP’s

o Voluntary and statutory agencies

o Inpatient staff

o Police and Probation service

o Educational departments



Maintain accurate written records and statistics to ensure that service user details and details of care given are recorded in notes and on the trust database(s) in line with trust policy


Professional Ethics

 Ensure the physical health needs of service users are met, including advice, support and health education to both service users and carers

 Provide and receive complex and sensitive information from service users, carers or other professionals and agencies, on a daily basis

 Ensure that psychological intervention or treatment is offered to service users as outlined in National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines

 Work with and support other members of the multi-disciplinary team, using clinical judgements in the absence of key members of the team, including medical staff

 Ability to access profession specific CPD activities that support professional registration

 Ability and commitment to access professional supervision

 Regular participation in quality assurance initiatives with the emphasis on service development and user satisfaction

 Personal responsibility for completion of specific clinical projects undertaking all the necessary tasks such as facilitating meetings, liaison or negotiation with other staff/stakeholders

 Personal accountability to ensure that clinical practice accords to local policy, national policy and professional code of conduct

 Regular integration and liaison with Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Teams including clinical practice

 Facilitate and formulate the delivery of care

 Undertaking other duties as appropriate to the post as requested by senior managers




Leadership, Supervision and Appraisal

  • In line with Trust policy and guidelines, review and reflect on own practice and performance through regular participation in both management and clinical supervision and appraisal.
  • To provide effective support, guidance and supervision for junior members of staff as delegated, and with support from senior members of staff.


Training staff and students

Service Development and Delivery

  • To ensure that activities undertaken with clients comply with health and safety guidelines, ensuring the safe use of equipment and storage of materials.
  • To work flexibly adjusting priorities according to the needs of the Service.

Professional Development

  • To undertake relevant activities to meet training and development objectives as identified with supervisor through supervision and annual appraisal.
  • To keep a record of training and evidence of own continuing professional development in a portfolio.
  • To contribute to service and professional development of equality and diversity issues, ensuring any negative impacts are eliminated or minimised.

Clinical Governance, quality and Standards

  • To ensure that service is provided in accordance with the Trust’s Standards, procedures and objectives for quality and governance, and that they are consistent with agreed best practice.
  • To apply national guidelines / legislation relating to health and social care in mental health service.
  • To identify organisational risks and highlight these to the appropriate manager.
  • To comply with professional standards of practice

Line management, staff, budgets and departments


Research and Development






This post contributes clinically to the Liaison Team. It is designed to make a significant contribution to the development and facilitation of re-enablement programmes for clients referred to the Service. It requires working with individuals, their families and carers as well as members of the wider service to ensure seamless and appropriate care. It requires effective personal organisation, communication skills and creativity.




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  • This job description is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities and the post holder may be required to undertake other duties which fall within the grade of the job, in discussion with CMHSOP Senior Practitioner.

  • This job description will be reviewed regularly in the light of changing service requirements and any such changes will be discussed with the post holder.

  • The post holder is expected to comply with all relevant Trust policies, procedures and guidelines, including these relating to Health & Safety and Confidentiality of Information.


  • The post holder is line managed by the Service Manager and relates to the Senior Practitioner of the CMHSOP for day to day operational management, working within the operational policy of the CMHSOP. Professional accountability is to the appropriate Professional Lead.
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