Band 5 Staff Nurse MREH



Band: Band 5


Reports to: Ward Manager


Accountable to: Head of Nursing, MREH/UDHM


Key Relationships:


Patients and families- (Adult), Modern Matron, Lead Nurse, Senior and Junior nurses within the department. Education Leads , Consultants and junior medical staff, Support and ancillary staff including nursing students.

Community Nursing Services, GPs and Social Services.

Clinical Governance team and teams of nursing specialists based in the hospital and outside the hospital setting.

All members of the multi disciplinary team to ensure a co-ordinated service is provided



External:                                        Families and carers, Community Health and Social Care teams and GPs




Role summary:


The post holder will prioritise, assess, plan, evaluate and deliver all relevant aspects of care to an agreed and expected high standard. Work closely with the multi-disciplinary team, and contribute to the clinical governance process,


Act as a Supervisor/Assessor to junior staff, with specific responsibility for pre registration students. Participate fully in a structured competency based programme ,as required.



Key Result Areas:




  • Take overall responsibility for the co-ordination and safe effective management of the ward/clinical area on a shift –by-shift basis as delegated by the ward Manager/Senior Sister/Charge Nurse.


  • On a shift –by- shift basis, be responsible for the delivery of clinical expertise in all aspects of patient care in the relevant clinical setting.


  • Collaborate with other health care professionals in the delivery of high standards of effective healthcare .
  • Develop knowledge and skills relevant to the clinical setting to enhance patient care.


  • Contribute to the delivery of care, by ensuring individual programmes of care are assessed, implemented and evaluated.


  • Demonstrate awareness of legislation regarding client group and families for example Child Protection issues and Mental Health issues and act appropriately when required


  • Practice in accordance with the NMC and Trust Code of professional Conduct in order that a safe and quality service is provided


  • Promote the shared objectives of the multidisciplinary team by working closely to ensure that the best practice is achieved utilizing both Clinical Benchmarking and Essence of Care processes to achieve this.




Altrincham Hospital • Manchester Royal Eye Hospital • Manchester Royal Infirmary • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital • Saint Mary’s Hospital • Trafford General Hospital • University Dental Hospital of Manchester • Wythenshawe Hospital • Withington Community Hospital • Community Services

  • Promote the interface between hospital and community to provide a seamless service for the client group.


  • Promote and collaborate in developing good work in relationships with departments to ensure the patient journey is effective and efficient.


  • Promote an evidenced based culture through pathways and protocols of care within the patient journey is effective and efficient.


  • Promote an evidenced based culture through pathways and protocols of care within an interdisciplinary approach


  • Ensure that patient documentation is accurate and defensible in accordance with Trust and NMC policies , disseminating all relevant changes in the patient’s condition to the MDT.


  • Participates in the implementation and delivery of the standards set within the Trust Nursing and Midwifery Strategy.
  • Contribute to the development of clinical governance including adverse incident reporting, as per Trust policy.
  • Promote health education in the client group attending the clinical ward/department.
  • Incorporate CNO ’10 Key roles’ within practice as discussed and agreed with line manager


  • Undertake ,perform and assess enhanced skills within the clinical area, to improve the patient experience and journey ( i.e venepuncture, cannulation,etc)


  • Be Competent in the correct use of all equipment used in the clinical setting in accordance with instructions and department procedures, reporting any faults as necessary.




  • Provide visible leadership to the nursing team and encourage all staff to lead by example in their individual roles
  • Continuously uphold the core values and beliefs set by the clinical team


  • Act as a professional role model, through commitment to the integration into practice of Trust policies and procedures (i.e Uniform Policy


  • Contribute to formulating policies and strategies within area of practice as directed by ward manager
  • Contribute to the Clinical Governance processes, within the ward/department.
  • Demonstrate an overall awareness of the quality issues and a commitment to continuous quality improvement


  • Develop and maintain effective communication systems both within and outside the Trust and create an environment that encourages open communication and trust


  • Be actively involved in all aspects of admission and discharge process


  • Develop and maintain organizational and managerial skills relevant to the unit facilitating a satisfactory interface with the MDT and all ward areas


  • Be aware of cost implications associated with the service and ensure effective use of all resources including staff and medical and surgical sundries


  • Participate in objective setting and performance management , ensuring ongoing staff development and achievement of the Trust strategic objectives as delegated by ward manager


  • Act as a support to the Senior sister/Charge Nurse and deputise when necessary to ensure continuity of the delivery of care is of a high standard of care


  • Undertake staff appraisals as requested by Ward Manager/Senior sister/Charge Nurse



  • Act as s Supervisor/Assessor and resource for all nursing and support staff encouraging a high level of motivation in all involved


  • Ensure clinical environment is conducive to supporting the education and learning of all staff and students
  • Ensure that Supervision/Assessor skills is kept updated


  • Contribute the clinical development of staff, supporting the teaching of practical skills to agreed competency levels for all staff as identified in departmental action plans


  • Maintain own continuing professional development in accordance with the CPD requirements and contribute to formulation of own objectives and personal development plan


  • In conjunction with the Senior Sister/ Charge Nurse and Education lead contribute to the delivery of orientation programmes for new staff and students


  • Promote awareness of current developments in the specialty and seek opportunities to further own knowledge and that of other staff


  • Provide educational and supportive opportunities to pre registration nursing students to ensure placements satisfy all requirements of their learning arrangements


  • Develop skills to act in a support/advisor role to all members of staff and carers involved with the client group.
  • Provide an environment that encourages client centered involvement where clients ask for help, advice and education




Altrincham Hospital • Manchester Royal Eye Hospital • Manchester Royal Infirmary • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital • Saint Mary’s Hospital • Trafford General Hospital • University Dental Hospital of Manchester • Wythenshawe Hospital • Withington Community Hospital • Community Services


Research and Audit:


  • Demonstrate awareness of research processes and resources available


  • Ensure an up-to –date knowledge of current evidence based practice. Support the implantation of research findings where appropriate to ensure quality of service and effective practice


Departmental Duties:



  • Perform nurse led pre assessment for client group as part of the multi skilled practitioner role within the department
  • Carry out nurse led discharge for client group in accordance with the agreed discharge criteria


  • As a multi skilled practitioner and following appropriate training work on a rotational basis within other areas of the department eg. Operating theatre /recovery/anaesthetic support.


This job description is an outline of the key tasks and responsibilities os the role and is not intended as an exhaustive list. The job may change over time to reflect the changing needs of the trust and its services, as well as the personal development needs of the post holder.


Where particular Directorates require the post holder to focus on specific issues and/or areas of concern, this will be discussed through the performance management process.


The Trust has a statutory responsibility to provide and maintain a healthy and safe environment for its staff to work in. You equally have a responsibility to ensure that you do nothing to jeopardize the Health and safety to either yourself or anybody else. The Trusts Health and Safety policies outline your responsibilities regarding Health & Safety at Work.


The post holder must not willingly endanger him/herself or others whilst at work. Safe working practices and safety precautions must be adhered to. Protective clothing and equipment must be used where appropriate.


All accidents/incidents must be reported to your Senior Manager and documented as per Trust Policy, including them reporting of potential hazards.



Thje post holder is required to maintain confidentiality at all times in all aspects of their work


The trust operates a system of Team Briefing which is based on the principles that people will be more committed to their work if they fully understand the reason behind what is happening in their organization and how it is performing


The Trust operates a no smoking policy which applies to all staff, patients and visitors and extends to the hospital grounds as well as internal areas. Staff appointed will agree to only smoke in designated areas.



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