Pharmacy Technician Aseptic Services




Job Title:


Pharmacy Technician – Aseptic Services




Band 4




Pharmacy Aseptic Service




Accountable To: Chief Pharmacy Technician / Production Manager


Reports To: Specialist Senior Pharmacy Technician Aseptic Services



Main Organisational Relationships


Chief Pharmacy Technician / Production Manager

Clinical Pharmacists


Pharmacy staff

Ward staff


Quality Assurance and Control Personnel (QCNW)




Student Pharmacy Technicians

Band 3 Senior Assistant Technical Officer


Band 2 Assistant Technical Officers (Aseptic and Rotational)





Responsible for assisting the Senior Technician in the day to day management and development of the Aseptic Services Unit Cytotoxic, PN and CIVA Service within Central Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, in accordance with departmental strategic, capacity and business plans.


To promote team working within the Pharmacy Department and Aseptic Services team.


Responsible for assisting the Senior Technicians with co-ordinating staffing arrangements for the Aseptic Service and to liaise with the other Specialist Technician to ensure appropriate skill mix and technical staff allocation throughout the department.


The post holder will be responsible for the training and assessment of Aseptic Services staff in accordance with National, Regional and local requirements. Responsible for developing and maintaining training programmes for technical staff.


The post holder will be responsible for ensuring safe systems of work are maintained as defined under statutory legislation, COSHH, Regional and National Cancer Standards, Controls Assurance and Professional Standards in their area of responsibility.









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Main Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Clinical Governance


To assist in the safe and effective management of the Pharmacy Department Aseptic Services Unit in accordance with national and local guidelines and standards ensuring statutory obligations are met by all staff.


To assist with the maintenance of Quality Assurance Standards in accordance with National, Regional and local requirements.


Liaise with the Senior Risk Management Pharmacist, Principal Pharmacist, Chief Technician/ Production Manager and Senior Technicians within Aseptic Services, to develop risk assessments for Aseptic Services.


To assist the Chief Technician/ Production Manager Aseptic Services and Senior Technicians in maintaining systems which monitor and report on Aseptic Service errors and implement remedial action when appropriate.


Responsible for co-ordinating the preparation of Aseptically prepared medicines under Section 10 exemption of the Medicines Act.


Responsible for participating as an effective member of the Aseptic Services team and actively promoting team working within the department.


To assist the Chief Technician Aseptic Services / Production Manager in audits and produce written reports and provide statistical information with identified action.


  • Management


Responsible for managing the organisation and co-ordination of product preparation, for the Aseptic Service.


To ensure the adherence and upholding of all trust and departmental policies and procedures by staff within the Aseptic Service Unit.


To supervise the dispensing of Aseptically prepared products purchased as Specials from licensed NHS and other units.


To assist the Senior Technician – Aseptic Services in planning, organising and managing the workload in accordance with the capacity plan, ensuring adequate numbers of appropriately trained staff are available to perform tasks required for a given activity level and feeding back information to Senior managers when breaches and constraints occur.


To assist in ensuring that systems are in place for the accurate and effective management of the Aseptic Services computer system to record all issues, receipts and returns


To assist in the management of procurement of medicines, equipment and consumables and the stock control within the Unit.







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To liaise with the Domestic Services to ensure that regular and effective cleaning is carried out in accordance with local and regional policies. This will include the training and assessment of domestic staff.


To deputise for the Senior Technicians as required.


  • Leadership


To be self-motivated and committed as a team leader promoting staff development and to support all levels of staff working in accordance with local SOP’s and guidelines


To allocate and check the work of technical staff in the team, referring to the Senior Technician for further assistance, guidance and support when required.


To act as a professional role model and develop positive relationships with key personnel both internally and externally to the department.



  • Service Development


To assist in the development of future ‘out of hours’ Aseptic Services


To assist in the research and evaluation of new products, devices, methods of work and assist in the implementation of any changes in policy or practice in line with departmental SOP’s


To ensure that the technical aspects of the Aseptic Service objectives are in line with Trust and Departmental strategic development plans and all staff are involved and understand their roles and responsibilities in the development of service provision.


To assist in the validation, performance reviews of equipment and processes used in Aseptic Services to ensure that they continually achieve their intended purpose in the allocated area.


To be involved with the development of Aseptic Services in line with local, Regional and National initiatives such as NSF’s, NICE guidance and NPSA alerts.


  • Education and Development


To assist in the development, maintenance and updating of comprehensive training programmes for Technical and Support staff working in the Aseptic Services Unit in line with local, Regional and National recommendations and requirements.


To assist with the Aseptic Services education and training, the competency based training of staff to NVQ requirements. Assist in the training of Pharmacists on rotation and pre-registration Pharmacists in their designated area.


To contribute to own Personal Development Plan, attending appropriate training courses and participating in Continual Professional Development.


  • Clinical / Technical


To comply with departmental SOP’s and assess other staffs compliance with these procedures


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To manage the maintenance and storage of patient treatment records and all other relevant records in accordance with legal requirements and good practice in such a way as to enable easy retrieval of information.


Responsible for ensuring the appropriate regulations relating to the use of Unlicensed Medicines are followed.


To ensure ingredients and disposables are assembled, disinfected and transferred into and through the Aseptic Unit appropriately.


To aseptically dispense products accurately to their specification, in accordance with SOP’s and standards.


To perform as an Aseptic accredited pharmacy technician “accuracy checking”, maintaining an appropriate level of competency.


To be responsible for ensuring the safe handling, storage and transport of products at all times within the Trust.


To ensure the highest level of professional standards of service are provided from all Aseptic Services Unit functions encompassing both quality and timeliness of service to patients and staff.


To accurately transcribe prescription details to generate worksheets and labels for Aseptically prepared products in line with National, Regional and local guidance.


To accurately record patient data onto treatment records planning workload accordingly.


To liaise with QC North West to ensure the environmental monitoring is carried out and recorded ensuring environmental standards are maintained in accordance with local and regional policies.


To ensure that all records and departmental logs are correctly filled in at the specified frequency and to report any out of specification results to the Senior Technician.


  • Communication


Communicate with wards, departments and other healthcare professional to relay service information and treatment requirements which could include difficult conversations regarding the timing of patient’s treatment and services provided.


To establish effective communication systems to ensure pharmacy staff are kept informed of all technical operations in line with the Change Control Process


  • Policy


To demonstrate respect for individual patients/clients and colleagues ensuring religious, cultural and social needs are considered at all times and individuals rights acknowledged.


To comply with the updated national guidance and local trust policy for the Safe Administration of Intrathecal Chemotherapy.






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  • Finance


To participate in and manage Aseptic Services stock takes.


To comply with legal and trust requirements relating to the purchase, supply, use safe custody and destruction of medicines within Pharmacy and other areas of the Trust.


  • Administrative


To be responsible for ensuring Aseptic Services administrative duties are carried out appropriately by Technical staff including the filing and archiving of information and data.


  • Other Duties


To be responsible for the personal updating of the necessary dispensing skills to ensure effective participation in the weekend and bank holiday rotas.


It is a requirement of the post holder to participate in the Aseptic On-Call preparation service for chemotherapy outside normal working hours on a rotational basis.


To participate in a Saturday / Sunday and Bank Holiday rota, in the near future it is anticipated that the Aseptic Service will be extending it services resulting in an extension of the normal working day.


The post holder may be required to work across any of the sites incorporated into Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust’


To undertake any other duties of a similar nature requested by the Chief Technician Aseptic Services, Principal Pharmacist Aseptic Services or the Director of Pharmacy.


  • Hours of Service


The workload of the full time post holder is assessed as 37.5 hours per week.


  • Appraisal


The post holder will be appraised by the Specialist Senior Pharmacy Technician – Aseptic Services



Conditions of Service.


Health and Safety


The Trust has a statutory responsibility to provide and maintain a healthy and safe environment for its staff to work in. You equally have a responsibility to ensure that you do nothing to jeopardise the health and safety of either yourself of anyone else. The trust’s Health and Safety Policies outline your responsibilities regarding Health and Safety at Work.


Safe working practices and safety precautions must be adhered to. Protective clothing and equipment must be used where appropriate.



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All accidents must be reported to your Senior Manager and you are asked to participate in accident prevention by reporting potential hazards.




The post holder has a responsibility to ensure the preservation of NHS property and resources.




The post holder will maintain confidentiality at all times in respect of their work.


Team Briefing


The Trust operates a system of team briefing which is based on the principle that people will be more committed to their work if they fully understand the reasons behind what is happening in their organisation and how it is performing.


It is expected that all employees will attend the monthly briefing sessions. Equal Opportunities


Central Manchester & Manchester Children’s University Hospitals NHS Trust encourages Equal Opportunities and operates an Equal Opportunities Policy. All individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or disability are encouraged to apply for all advertised posts.




The Trust operates a no smoking policy. The policy applies to staff, patients, and visitors and extends to the hospital grounds as well as internal areas. Staff appointed will undertake not to smoke on hospital premises.




This job description will be reviewed periodically in consultation with the post holder to reflect the changing nature of the duties and requirements of the service.



Reviewed 15th November 2017

Dean Moriarty

Chief Technician/Production Manager























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Person Specification: Pharmacy Technician –Aseptic Services









Registered with the GPhC







BTEC accredited accuracy





checking qualification or





equivalent aseptic services








NVQ3 / BTEC in Pharmacy Services or


Relevant post qualification



Equivalent nationally recognised qualification






Aseptic Services courses and



BTEC Professional Diploma in Aseptic Services









or equivalent


Leeds University Aseptic





Preparation of Medicines (APDM)





short course





A1 NVQ assessor qualification

Knowledge and Experience


Post qualification experience as a technician in




hospital pharmacy and experience as an





Aseptically trained technician





Good working knowledge of safe dispensing





and aseptic practices.





Evidence of supervising staff and workload on a





day-to-day basis.





Evidence of active involvement in service










General awareness of what the role involves.





Knowledge and understanding of GMP and QA





and its application to Aseptic processing





CPD development










Good Interpersonal Skills to promote good




customer service.









Ability to work effectively under pressure.





Demonstrate good time management and





organisational skills.










Able to communicate effectively and in a



Personal Attributes


professional manner with staff and managers.





Good attention to detail and responsible attitude





to quality and accuracy.





Good Time keeping record










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